Broke my plant this morning


Broke a plant this morning and 12 hours later the top has grown straight up :point_up:


No. You just supercropped her. You can brace her back up of you like. She’ll grow a “knuckle” at the kink, stall for a few days, and then carry on like it never happened. Or, leave it, and it’ll grow more like a candelabrum on that branch. You could even top her there, and she’ll branch out below that point. Lots of options. No sweat :v:


You should look up super-cropping, and see what to do at the “break” to protect it. It looks like you did break it a little more than the goal would be if you intentionally bent it. There’s several posts on here, and video’s on youtube.

I have found that if I learn about the process of something, I get more out of it that just someone telling me what to do. I’m a ‘why’ guy :slight_smile:


I did the same thing right before flipping em’. Thought I was screwed but the top headed straight for the light. Super cropping is what I was attempting to do.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: She looks better everyay, so I wouldn’t trip.


little tape and some molasses on the wounds (if any) and she will be fine.