Broke my Plant (Should I clone?)

4-5 days ago, I broke my Emporer J plant, wrapped and secured with pipe cleaner. Day 2 thought she was dying, plant tops felt very dry, almost brittle, same for day 3. Day 4 perhaps the tops are not so dry or its my wishful thinking, not sure. This plant was one of 2 survivors from my very first grow (6 died due to my inexperience). Not sure if this plant will make it, have only one of this strain, tons of Bangi Haze’s, couple of Hash Passions and 4 UK cheese. I’m thinking I’d like to clone this broken/mended plant. Two questions please, did I mend it correctly? Is it too soon to clone?

If you were successful you’d have seen it perk up within an hour or two. Sorry.

Forgot to post the picture showing the break.

4 Days later, pant continues to feel dry on top, but no wilting or discoloration. Picture below: Is this plant big enough to start cloning from, don’t have any more seeds, its been a very hardy plant so I want to make more of them.

Broken plant is on far right, should’ve taken a close up, will do so after their naptime

Looks like it’s going to be just fine… clone away my friend… :grin:


Your good bro. Probably just stressed it a tad and was regrowing the tissue.

Put a zip tie around it. I do that almost every grow

Thank you all for your help. I think the Emperor will get through this mistake like she’s endured my many others… I will however, take some clones this week just in case… so that she may continue her reign… best hobby I’ve had in decades… love it