Broad/Russet Mites

I thought I had a nutrient def or a PH issue. I realized after doing some research and having a master grower look at my plants found out I have a Mite problem. Just wanted to let everyone know that if your chasing a phantom nutrient def you might have Broad or Russet Mites. We needed to use a USB Microscope to find the little bastards. Symptoms resemble over watering, heat stress, mag def, pretty much everything. If the leaves have distorted growth and weak stems and plants lack vigor most likely Mites is the problem. Another way to tell is add one 325mg un-coated Bayer Aspirin per gallon of water/nutrient mix and plants look a lot better the next day,guess what? It is the mites causing your issue. The west coast of the US has a big issue and has now made it to the east coast. The silica acid in aspirin helps the plants immune system.


Have you found a way to get rid of broad mite pesky little bastards?

Use a cloths steamer on high.

Thanks Scottsman,
This could work on a small inside grow, but not in my situation, outside
Any other suggestions?


Yes, Dr. Earth’s organic bug spray

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i use it to boost resin production Bayer asprin …but you have to prepare it for use …NOT use it regular form and i mean for hydro … soil less critical …Hammer

After reading up on broad mites and russet mites i may have a concern my self …i only have a 16x loupe but it has been all ive needed in the past …BUT recently "on this last batch ive been seeing some spots on the leaves i looked and looked but saw no bugs .but iam seeing some i ccant tell what it is … so i ordered a digital scope 400x— 1000x so will know for certain … those broad mites are so small id never actually see them with 16x .wow thanx for putting this out there …ill be paranoid till scope comes in …:frowning: Hammer

Wow that’s awesome , I"ll keep that in mind for my out door soil grows,