Bringing outdoor grow back inside

A question from a fellow grower:

“I have harvested my winter grow and put my five gallon pots outside where they have grown to about three feet. I’m going to bring them back in soon but not shore of how to care for them since im sure my Fox Farm Ocean forest medium has been depleted of it nutrients.”

Go buy some nutrients. General hydroponics flora trio, foxfarms, nectar from the gods. All good nutes

Also scour those plants inch by inch for pests. Dont wanna contaminate ur indoor area

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I was wondering about this earlier. do the plants need to transition… like… Un… harden?

A little bit. It depends on the artificial light used, as well as the environmental change.
I find a week transitioning is all they need.

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do you think it stunts flower growth to go from sun to indoor lighting?

I’ve moved many plants from outdoors to indoors. Quite a few in veg, to no apparent differences. A few in flower, most of them didn’t seem to enjoy it. Maybe the stress of moving, maybe the spectrum changes…

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interesting. good to know it can be done if they don’t finish outside in time. doesn’t surprise me they’d get sad… nothing like he real thing.

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