Bringing out the color

What’s the best way to bring out the color in my plants? Got some blue berry growing and I’ve seen the pictures online of how nice the buds look, would like to be able to do the same.


The colour comes out when the plant is coming to the end of its flowering stage

What about lowering the temp in my grow room? Read something about that online have you ever heard of anything like that

As tezza2 said the last couple weeks and yes if you can get the temp a little cooler they will show some cool colors

If you can consistently get your lights out temps to 60°F or below for the last few weeks. Also, with a week, or couple of weeks left, you can give her an ‘ice bath’. Throw a bag of ice on the soil.


Usually a 10 to 15° temp difference between day and night is a cause of this happening like fall coming on getting cooler the leaves change color. Everything that happens outside we try to mimmick and do the same inside with fake sun and no bugs hopefully lol. The last week or 2 I’ve heard of jumping the pH of the water up high 10s or 12 if u can get that big of a pH and the high pH causes the leaf colors to pop from what I am hearing never done it on my own tho.


I believe the color of this plant changed due to a 14f temp drop.


Phenotype plays a role as well. My lonely 2 girls are night and day different on colors right now.


Phenos, 50’s, pH are the 3 I read about the most.

I don’t super love the crazy pH, I’d rather the plant be her healthiest when she’s putting on that final swell.