Bring my autos inside the next three nights (45 degrees expected)?

Hi all
Any help appreciated. Newbie with seedlings at two weeks- gold leaf autos outdoors in containers Going fair thus far. It’s going to hit between 45-49 degrees the next two nights.

Any thoughts on moving them inside to a warm closet at for the next few nights or just rough it out and see what happens ?


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Hi I’m a newbie too, also growing goldleaf auto and bluberry autos the temps at night are about the same where I’m at too I’ve been bringing mine in at night if it gets colder then 50 even thats pushing it in my opinion but maybe I’m wrong

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Welcome ! Cannabis is tougher than you think personally I think they would be fine. but you can bring them in if you like.
Good luck


Thanks for the replies this far. Was just a little concerned since they are not very large due to my weak grow light for the first 7 days before I started to get them acclimated outside

In other words they seem to be a bit behind other pics I’ve seen at this stage and don’t know how tough a seedling is …

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How many days above ground? Node count? I don’t think it would be a problem for a plant in veg. Would not leave unestablished seedlings out side in the those temperatures. But once about 4-5 nodes we never cared about non freezing temp drops in the spring, left the “tomato” plants all day and night on the side of the hill.

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