Bright yellow tips now white

Hello there experts.
I have 9 plants all planted in the same soil. All different varieties. All but one look fantastic.
The one in question is Bruce banner. It is half the size of the others, thin pathetic leaves that are curling. It has good color but is darker than the others. Dark green. I have tried playing with the ph, and what I give it, I give to all of them. The others still growing like crazy and this one is just stunted with odd symptoms.
I will post a picture. The most recent clue is fan leaves that have been on the plant longer than any new growth, have turned yellow. At first they looked lightly airbrushed. Now the tips are almost white they are so bright. The leaves with odd color are plumb. They are not dry or crispy.
How can this plant have such a struggle and the others rt next to it are so perfect?

I don’t know but I’m tagging along to see what it is beautiful plants tho

:eyes: look good otherwise. Watching the replies, have similar issue with a BB auto, indoor.

My guess since its half the size that’s nute burn but also maybe nitrogen deficiency very strange , are you phing your water at all if not it could just be soil ph being to high to take in available nitrogen

Well, I tested my tap water and it was like 5.7
So I have added baking soda to a huge pitcher of water. Got the water to 7 thinking it would mix with soil and be like 6.5 or 6.7.
The odd thing is I give the same stuff to all the plants. The others are double the size and look spectacular.
This one plant has been trouble. It is darker green than the others so maybe too much nitrogen? Again all plants get the same

If all things are equal, I wouldn’t change a thing. My friend had a similar issue with a different strain. He had his plants spread out around his yard. Everything was exactly the same and yet one plant was doing poorly. It had a waxy sheen on the leaves and the plant always looked over/under watered. Turns out it was too close to the clothes dryer vent. His wife uses these fabric softener sheets. They were pumping out something that was coating the leaves. He relocated the plant and it slowly recovered.

I’m not saying this is your problem. I’m saying look for the differences. It might be something simple and seem inconsequential.