Bright white vs Yellowish

Ok so I have 4 lights. They are the same models and were ordered from the same place on Amazon. They are not bad lights and have done me well. However I have noticed that 2 of these lights are very bright white LED’s and the other 2 are a softer or more yellow lights. I currently have one of each in the same tent and am monitoring the girls. So far it appears that the softer lights are a better veg light as I see fatter more robust plants under it and the other side seem to be “behind “ where they should be. These plants are not all the same as they are bag seeds and more than likely are all different. But it’s still funny that both of those girls are 4 inches shorter and the stems are way less than half in diameter. I will also say that early on I had to raise the brighter light due to it starting to burn the tips of the leaves.

My hypothesis is that the softer light is going to veg better while the brighter ones will flower better.

I was hoping to get some verification as to if I am in the correct track because I have 5 AK-47 girls that will be going into veg very soon and I want to do as much help as I can them.

Thank you in advance for all of the advice. It’s all greatly appreciated.

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Actually it’s quite the opposite. The soft white is probably more heavy with red light…which promotes bud growth and longer stems.

Whereas the more white, or crisp light is more blue leaning which promotes better plant mass like foliage and will create plants that are shorter with tighter nodes.