Bright green/yellowing mid flower

Should I be concerned about the bright green/yellowing that is occurring? I recently added some Big Bud at half strength. Otherwise I use purified water only.


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I’m still very new and learning but maybe a nitrogen deficiency? I think that’ll cause a lime greenish color. Is that the only nutrients you’ve used and do you use any Cal-Mag?

No. I don’t use Cal Mag. I use Micro Grow Bloom every other watering. I used the Big Bid in between feedings.

Another thing that can cause leaves to droop and lighten is over watering causing root damage. Not saying that’s your problem, but you need to consider it.

How often are you watering?
What is the growing medium? Coco, peat, or potting soil, and what kind? Medium dictates the frequency of watering/feeding.


I’m thinking magnesium deficiency


I’m watering every 3 days. I’m definitely not overwatering. I’m using a pot for pot which is coco on top of a super soil.

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Just getting close to the end. Yeah, it’s a bit of nitrogen deficient, but it’ll make it.


Judging from the way they are yellowing (with the younger leaves yellowing before older leaves) and the thinness of the new leaves, suggests a potassium excess, maybe phosphorus excess. If they were deficient in nitrogen, the yellowing would start at the bottom and work up. The thinness of the newest leaves is a big pointer to potassium excess.

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What is the remedy?

msnae2u, any update?

One has been chopped, the other is still going. It lost almost all of its leaves and looks terrible. I think my ph has been off because I wasn’t testing it each time.


Next grow use cal mag and you won’t have that problem

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Thanks. What did you do for the yellow leaves? Anything?

Nothing. I just watered yesterday with ph’d water. Hopefully the buds will finish maturing. The pistils look weird to me.

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Should I use some cal mag next water?

Probably too late to work now but next grow use it. I won’t grow without it personally and find it just as important as the other nutes

How often do you use it? How much? I’ve got some more strains going. As you can see, they are starting to lose their color as well in flowering.

Yeah you can use it on the yellowing ones now. I use it almost every water at 1 tsp per gallon on all my plants. I drop it about week 6 or 7

photo and auto tent

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Ok thanks! I’ll use it next water. I have some but have never used it🤷🏾‍♀️