Bright green shoots with darker green leaves

I am curious as to why the new shoots coming up are so much brighter green than the rest of the leaves and why that is only happening to 3 of my 6 plants. Does anyone recognize this or had to deal with it before? Im thinking its possibly an iron deficiency but i use tap water at least once a week and distilled water with cal-mag and a few other misc. nutes once a week. If more water is necesarry i use plain distilled water. The soil is new and the plants are only a few weeks old. I used a mix of ocn forst and coco loco and about 10 to 15% of worm castings. This is my 3rd indoor grow so im not a total newb but I hardly know as much as id like to. Thanks in advance to anyone with any suggestions

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Looking good Growmie, new growth is normally lime green :love_you_gesture:


Good call. Chlorophyll has not yet had a chance to fill in the darker green of the older leaves.

Thank u for the reply…and the compliment. I agree with you that new growth is more often than not, lighter than the surrounding foliage. It just looked a little lighter than normal to me…almost yellow. Perhaps the lighting is causing that visual effect.

Ive also topped em to death at a early age so the growth has been somewhat stunted but hopefully it will catch back up soon.

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