Breeding "taste" into strains


Blueberry strawberry orange banana mango …the list goes on. How are these “flavors” bred into their respective strains?
Or is it the meer power of suggestion of a name that bilks people into agreement that this tastes like what you call it. Any input anyone? Just curious, would love to hear from a strain developer on this. Coming up with a new strain name must be a pain.


You really need to do more investigation on this… :grin:



I’ve tried and tried. Over 43 years experience !
All I can say is "oooh,that tastes like GOOD weed.
Smoked Bubblegum and it DID taste sorta fruity. I wouldn’t say Bubblegum fruity though.


I’ve used pineapple and grapefruit juice at 25% to 1 gallon of water to flush with… to add concentrates and add flavor in the last 2 weeks of flowering as a flush with great results… :wink:



Like the emperors new clothes with weed huh?

Maybe. But some strains really smell like their names. It’s crazy


Everything I’ve read about adding sugar based stuff to plants during flower insists it doesn’t impart a sweeter flavor, but instead the sugar feeds the microbes which in turn help the plants thrive, which makes for better buds.

It would be nice to just add some juice to make your plants taste juicier.


Names mostly reflect the prevailing trends at the time of release.
Example: Indian names were popular. Then the Star Wars --Star Trek phase had space names.
Currently it appears to be the Fruit phase.


Alls I can say is try it and see for yourself… I would call bs also… but I’ve done it first hand… it did work… go figure… :wink: