Breeding question

I’m new to breeding plants. Ive bred reptiles before so I do understand the basics. I know I will have to do selective breeding for the vast majority of the traits I’m looking for, but I’m wondering if crossing an auto triple xl with an auto gg#4 will give me all auto off spring? I’ve never delt with autos before so I’m not sure how they behave. Thanks for any help

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Good question.

You will just have to try.

Or you feminize both and self pollinate, if the offspring from each plant all show auto traits, then a cross would most likely be auto, so you would need to confirm the auto trait is true breeding.

From what ive read, you are prone to alot of hermies when breeding them. Is it true, who knows.

Those have been culled down before you bought the seeds and they will pass on the auto traits and when you breed them you will have to grow and cull the weak and then back breed when you get the traits you want a breed back 7 times makes it strain stable where you get 1 or 2 expression of say more indica or sativa you will always have a couple here and there at this point