Breeding mutants

I’m not good with threads lol. These pics are a few days old. The plant on the left is a mutant and its blueberry the other 4 are haze xtreme, the mutant blueberry automatically tops and makes all kinds of sites it started its grow from seedling at 4 branches and continued all the way up. I’m wanting to pollinate the haze from the blueberry mutant then make feminized then cross to autoflower in hope to get an autoflower mutant or basically a mutant self topping multibranching autoflower. I have never used a mutant before so my question is does anybody know if this male will carry the mutation along?

Probably not. I’ve gotten 15 white widow auto seeds from ilgm and a couple have topped there selves while others grew normal. You can’t breed them

Ok thanks I wasn’t sure