Breeding help. Flipping early

Hi all(again)… I have been asked to make as many new strains as possible as fast as I can. My question is, if I flip a plant at 1’ compared to 4’ does it still have all the same genetic makeup to give a true representation of the plant? Is anything effected other than yield with an earlier flip? Thanks


Plant genetics will not change because of height. It’s still the same genetic matrix whatever the height. Very early seedlings should not be forced to flower. 1’ tall plant will be fine for seeding.

While your adventure into breeding maybe interesting. I would suggest your stash would increase much faster if you access the many varieties already available.

Of course…it’s your choice. Best Wishes


The Tanned Man hit it on the head. Genetics are what they are. Length of veg really mainly effects yield… n too an extent maturity pace


Plant size won’t really matter like they said, but plant age will. Plants have to be mature to flower.