Breeding cannabis

Ok so to start with this post, this is a weird ? And I am definitely only looking for experienced growers and breeders for advice and answers on this.

So I’ve recently started breeding. And I have some concerns about what results I will get from inbreeding strains. Yes inbreeding (aka incest) So I started off creating feminized pollen from a female white widow, (the father), and used that to pollinate another female widow (the mother), both from ilgm with good genes.

Now I have 2nd generation seeds which sprouted and are thriving. And I wish to create more, 3rd generations as they should be much more viable… but unfortunately I only have the same pollen from the father, which pollinated the current plants mother. And I don’t wish to make more pollen from a different plant as it’s time consuming and requires more space.

Now I’m wondering if anyone has ever tried inbreeding cannabis plants and if that may cause some messed up genes, like in people and animals. As you all know if you have sex with your sister, chances are you’ll get a genetically f-Ed up inbred baby, which often come out with genetic disorders…

Now my question here is, does anyone have experience with inbreeding cannabis plants. As my plan now was to use this 2nd generation female plant I have, and partially pollinate it using the feminized pollen I have frozen in my fridge. So she will yield bud with a few seeds (But this is actually the same pollen that was used to create this feminized seed in the first place…aka it’s fathers pollen)

So basically, I want to create more seeds from this one, but I only have the pollen which comes from her father… so if I use that pollen to pollinate her, it’s basically the equivalent of a daughter having a baby with her own father…lol plant incest, hilarious right?

Ok so anyone have any thoughts??? Or experience.

I know this is a weird ? But it’s the situation I’m in and I really can’t afford to make anymore widow pollen right now as that stuff is time consuming, and I’m too busy for that rn lol.

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Very interested @Donaldj would be someone I think might have some insight to this (hope I’m right like his answers)
Will be watching :+1::+1:

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You are simply making a small pool of genes to select from. This could be good if you see traits you like from the fathers line you want to re-enforce.

This however is not like banging your sister. More like dog breeding. As you re-introduce the same genes you increase the likelihood for traits in said line to be represented, good or bad.

New lines could not be created without some level of inbreeding.

Honestly though why bother. Leave the heavy lifting up to someone else.

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You are referring to what is known as back breeding a very common way to stablize genes and how almost every strain sold is created X grow force hermi repeat for best success most clone parents than breed back to one or the other until they have trait they desire. At that point you intentionally hermi plant to force it to seed and can repeat the process as many times as you want I favor mother plants and clones over seeds a mother is easily selected by growing several plants of same strain cloning all and tracking progress through each stage including harvest the best plant all around is the clone you save for mother the rest get the boot. Clones are genetic twins so only bare same traits as their mother/donor seeds can always hide recessed gene that can show it’s head any time meaning less assured of consistent results


Ok I completely understand what you mean, basically people do this to solidify genes for a strain…

Another ? I had which u actually answered, but I still wanna ask for a definite yes or no…lol

So the reason I can’t afford to make anymore widow pollen is cus I’m already working on creating pollen from two of my clones… and that takes up all the spare room I have

My question here then, is if I want to solidify the genes of a different plant like purple haze, which I have a mother and her clone. If I use the clone to make pollen, and then mate it back with her own mother, will the results be fairly stable…?

Now that’s a little different the straight incest lol or father and daughter breeding (like the situation I asked before), cus it’s like a hermie is pollinating itself. But this way I could actually make it work and have seeds that don’t pass the hermie gene. But is it ok that I took a clone and mated it back with its own clone mother?? That’s basically taking a plant and mating it back with itself.

Thanks for the previous answer tho, I really thought I could get some really messed up inbred plants lol


Slackoff to answer your ?.. well i wanna do the heavy lifting here for 2 main reasons… first experience breeding… but more importantly, seeds are super expensive. A bottle of Tiresias mist and a few months and I eliminate the need to return to a seed bank for that strain. Thus breeding my plants will allow me to grow these strains whenever I want in the future for free, or at least w out having to buy more seeds.

If a strains that good to me, I think I should buy it once, and then I never want to have to buy that strain ever again, but that means I need to do the “heavy lifting” myself to get to that point


You could simply find a strain you like and get regular seeds. And procreate from there was more to my point if you solely needed beans.

My take away was you were looking to fine tune your own strain. And not to take away from that bro, all the more power to you. Just seems like a lot of time investment for something already being done professionally.

Not knocking it. But in my line of work we try to avoid re-inventing the wheel.

I’m intrigued and will for sure keep an eye out in the future for some success pic!

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Seeds are spensive maaan

The hermi gene you speak of is rather interesting concept but if you forced your plant to hermi via colodial silver severe stress then there is no hermi gene. If the plant made 2 weeks into flower with perfect conditions and hermied that would be different entirely a unstable female

Haven’t bred cannabis, but same theory applies. It’s all about genes. Inbreeding magnifies traits, good or bad. I use to raise game chickens and studied about breeding. Info was from plant breeding. Never do brother/sister, but always did daddy-daughter, mother-son. You establish your strain this way. If you do mother-son, grandmother-grandson, etc. etc. you keep going back towards mother’s genetics. Problem being, you have now locked in your traits, good or bad. When you cross with another strain, you get what’s known as Hybrid vigor.

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Beans are cheap for the return

8-18$ a gram for medicine is expensive

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There are a number of folks either actively doing this now or going to in the near future. @Not2SureYet, @Bogleg, @FloridaSon, @MattyBear to name some, along with me at some point next year.

I think if I were going to go through the effort I would start with a male and female plant because the resultant seeds will be more stable throughout a grow and you can produce feminized seeds at any point you wish. But I understand your desire for seeds.


That game chicken theory is cool. I’ll keep that in mind but I think with cannabis, mating sibling seeds is less the same level of inbreeding then mating a daughter seed back with its fathers pollen

Thats locking in male dominated traits necessarily the male it’s self sex wise but characteristics

I actually tried getting some regular northern lights seeds from ilgm recently, for that exact reason. I wanted the males… but the batch was literally no good, the only batch of bad seeds I’ve ever got from them. I had them refund me with a feminized lsd instead tho, so now I’m back down to all females. I’ll have to try again soon with a different strain

Yo @donalddj

So if I take a cutting from a mother and root it, and then make feminized pollen from that cutting… and then take that pollen to pollinate the mother, or just another clone from the same mother (but still identical genes), then what do u think the genetic results will look like?
Are all the seeds going to be identical to the mother like the clone was, or will there be some variety in phenotypes present?

There is always possibility for a little variation but overall I would say they would be pretty uniform