Breeding auto with photo

Not sure if this is in the right category, but it seemed the best section regarding my question. I’m wanting to get into cross breeding to make my own seeds but more importantly to grow my own strains. My question is regarding cross breeding an auto with a photo. Anyone with experience doing this? Would the seeds be auto? Photos? Or possibly both? And would it matter which one the mother was? An auto female with a photo male, And a photo female with a auto male? If it’s going to spit out both auto and photo seeds at random, then I think I would choose not to do that. Just to have certainty that I know what my seeds are. I Just medicated and my minds running like an Olympic sprinter lol. Just thought I’d think out loud and see if anyone out there could shed some light. Thanks guys…and gals.

Out of curiosity I did a little research so the auto flower gene is recessive meaning all of your 1st gen kids will have the Aa autoflower gene meaning they’ll all be photos then you take the gen 1s and breed them with a autoflower roughly 1/4 will be autos . You can technically do this all with females if you know how to force stress hermie them

No I was correct pre edit its 1/2 if you cross an Aa with an aa it’s 1/4 If you crossed 2 gen 1s( Aa +Aa)

By the 5 generation, you will have 100% autos as long as you keep inbreeding the offspring. And colloidal silver seems to be the easiest way to get a female to herm that I know of!

If I did it that way…then wouldn’t they pick up the “hermie” trait?

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Hermie isnt a trait when forced there are some genetics that naturally produce more hermies but the forcefully hermied probably doesnt have that

@Ksouthers1 what is colloidal silver?

It is used to make femenized seeds

Just dont do it. That’s like walking backwards. You can do it, but why? Just buy either autos or photos. The autos are bred down through ruderalis, the third type most people dont know about or call hemp. Aka CBD plants. All your doing is bringing back Gene’s they tried to get rid of. Just… just no.

Geez @Shaggy, tell me how you really feel about it. Lol jk🤣. I was more curious than anything. I totally understand the history of autos and Russian Ruderalis. I was just wondering for down the road if I ever did have a killer auto and killer photo. What would happen if I crossed them. But when I start getting into genetic breeding, I’m sticking with photos. Seems like their genes would be more true and consistent. Thanks for all the input.

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Colloidal silver is a solution you can buy off the internet and it’s used when your female plant begins developing buds. You spray the plant directly at the nodes where the pistils are located. You repeat this step daily for 2-3 weeks when your lights go off. It will cause your female plant to produce male sex organs to pollinate with. The pollin created will create female only seeds, known as feminised seeds.


@Ksouthers1 so it pollinates itself? And the seeds won’t have the hermie traits?

It will pollinate itself I suppose hypothetically if a gen one Aa gene pollinated itself it could create 1/4 autoflowers

Think I’m going to stay away from breeding autos. So basically I could do the same with photos I assume, as in use the colloidal silver? And this will produce feminized seeds? And no hermie traits? Kinda new to the breeding …thanks for any and all help. Appreciate it guys…and gals.

No it produces female pollen that you pollinate another female with to create female seeds. You don’t want to have anything to do with the plant after spraying with colloidal silver other than harvesting the pollen.


You use the pollin to pollinate another female plant of your choice but if it does pollinate itself, the seeds will not carry the hermaphrodite trait. Only if the plant is a natural hermaphrodite, not induced, will it carry the trait potentially.

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I got some good idea for strains if anyone wants to come make them with me. I dont know how to breed. But I’ll help. Lol.

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I would love for someone to breed an auto laughing buddha. Some of the most unique looking cannabis ive seen was bred with the dark devil genetics.

Idk what the strains I would need would be. But I’ve always wanted to make a bacon bud. A darker “brown” leafing with tons of dark red/brown pistols, long nugs. And as close to bacon scents and taste as possible. Topped off with feelings off fullness and napping. Aka indica couchlock. Lol.
Patent on that if anyone ever tries stealing that I’m taking you to court! I’ve been dreaming of making it my whole life. I will do it!

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Hmm maybe start with something diesely and try to turn it more smoky flavored lol do it mate we’d love to try it

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