Breeding and pollination questions

Hi everyone I’m going to attempt to create my own seed stock instead of having to continue ordering seeds every year. So my plan is I have 3 photoperiods mother plant was a “Blueberry” clone 4 years ago that turned hermie on me and only gave up 5 seeds. Statistics say I have more probability of having a hermaphrodite plant so I’m either counting counting on one of 3 being hermie or male, this strain grows great in my area and also produced great results with only about 6-7 hours of direct sunlight, plant produced about 12 Oz in that setting also noted was being mold resistant due to the wet weather that year.

Looking for some ideas of crossing this strain if possible this year with ILGM Auto’s- Gorilla Glue, Bruce Banner and Girl Scout Cookies Extreme.
I understand crossing to produce the perfect plant takes years but this is just an experiment to see if I can get the genetics to mix in a way that will work better for my area of cultivation.

If anyone has any experience breeding as a hobby I would definitely like some input, also I have been reading you can create seeds by misting collidal silver on nodes of female plants.

Thanks in advance everyone !! Happy growing

P.S. Pigs in a Blanket to make your day :joy:


I’m working on producing my own feminized seeds. I’m using four clones from a single White Widow. 3 of those I’ve sprayed with colloidal silver.

I’m thinking of getting regular seeds and starting from scratch. In other words, produce regular seeds, clone a plant raised from those seeds and produce feminized seeds from those clones. I’m thinking the genetics will be stronger.

Keep us informed of your progress.

Happy growing…

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@oldmarine will do, is there any specific amount of collidal silver to be sprayed when trying to create feminized seeds, and when spraying or misting is it directly on flower site or on node site where calyx forms ?

If you had female plant herm it would create feminized pollen. The seeds produced there should be feminized. They may or may not go herm as well, but I wouldn’t expect to see any male plants.

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@imSICKkid to the rescue mission , I would like to read the information that will be shared here cause I’m on a mission of my own trying to do like Seth Rogan and find my 3 strains types that will be more suitable for my consumption like Snoop and 2 Chains and Kalifa Kush , except I’m not trying to sell or get rich, I’ve been there before it’s not all that what people think at the top , it’s boring , lonely , scary , and can be very depressing , trust me it’s not all that I promise you that .
I just want to be able to grow the same strain over and over and over knowing once it’s finished , I’ll know it’s potency and potential of helping my mental and physical issues .
I get tired of buying , are growing nice beautiful plants of all sorts and maybe it’s 2 or 3 out of 30 different strains that might be worth it all from the time , labor , ingredients, nutrients , etc indoors growing them , when those strains are only good for the woods cause they are just not quite strong enough .

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I know @Hellraiser started talking about using CS in one of his journals maybe the cherry ice cream grow journal? But I would look into that as hes very good at explaining things in a way people can easily understand


@dbrn32 thanks, so now that’s cleared up hopefully haha so there is a possibility of these plants turning herm creating feminized pollen which in turn I could use to pollinate my autos?

I am probably doing this wrong, also. I’m using 25ppm CO and misting the nodes. I’m staggering the “males” @ 2 , 3 and 4 weeks of treatment.

I’m keeping a journal and will update it as things progress.

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I suppose you could. Although most would consider undesirable to move forward with hermaphrodite gene. 9/10 people are going to suggest to breed with regular seeds if you’re interested in breeding.


I would not ever use hermie material for breeding… bad genetics. Some plants turn hermie right near the end every time, and as a result you get seedy pot. Could still be good but seedy. Best for concentrates. If you wanna breed only seek out stable parents.
Also, a good male is super important, most people think males are trash, but a male imparts a lot to the progeny. Ive had males with absolutely outstanding smells. However, you still need to sort through the phenotypes and decide which one suits your needs.

That’s my suggestion. Regular seeds are available from most seed banks, and they’re quite affordable.

If you pick one bag of seeds, and grow them all outdoors, selecting only the most productive male and keeping seeds from only the most desirable female, and growing the next year’s seeds from only that one female, your genetics should start to acclimatize within a few generations. After 6 seasons or more of this process, you could have an acclimatized inbred line. By increasing the number of males and females you can slow down the process to be a bit more exacting.

Once you have an acclimatized IBL, you can cross that to other cultivars, and if things go well you might have seeds that produce vigorous plants as well as diverse diverse chemotypes.

Edit: Making seeds is easy, but plant breeding is a long-term commitment.

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@dbrn32 just happened to look my girls over a few minutes ago, could my photoperiods be showing sex already, at nodes one plant is showing signs of nanners?? Or what look just like them :joy:

The pictures aren’t great, but those seem consistent with pollen sacs and not female flowers.

Edit: Males tend to be a little bit more eager to show sex than females.


I would let them get a little more developed before saying for sure.


I disagree, I’ve had males show up last, but seem to be a little taller most of the time. Maybe it’s just me.


I would recommend Regular seeds to produce strains. My Blueberry Kush and Lemon Haze both Autos definitely is a different smoke when my male Landrace Tora Bora crop dusted them.

Also remember you need at least 6 weeks for the seeds to become mature on a plant. Longer is better for maturing seeds.

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