Break out your cook book

I have a fair amount of trimmings and i would know i one of y’all have a recipe for herb tea. :smile: i don’t have enough for butter or bubble hash but those recipes are welcome too
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In my “internet” travels I think I saw a recipe for tea. I’ll see if I can find something for you. If you have 1/4 oz trim you can use it with one stick of butter :blush:

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Oddly enough, the tea recipes I have seen that sound viable start with making butter or oil… You always have enough for butter, and can do it in a small batch in a mason jar. It’s about the ratio of flower to butter, and how intense you actually expect the leaves to be.

I use about 1g to 1tbsp of butter, but someone on here suggested doubling the ratio for just the leaves. I put them in a coffee grinder after they were dry, no decarb, then 2-1 with butter.

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Sorry :neutral_face: I got stoned and forgot to look for the recipe

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I’m still stoned :rofl:

Okay. I found the recipes again :blush: As soon as I can figure out how to cut and paste with my phone I’ll post them

Yeah, I just made a cup, and was looking through here so… I’ll be prime for prime time!

I’m so technically challenged :rage: Since I don’t think it’s a competitor marijuana tea dot com is where I saw them. If I’m committing a boo boo please let me know so I can delete this post :blush:

brownies is still the best for me :slight_smile:

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Update - it is much better with good coffee :wink:

I put a tsp(-ish) of butter (my last batch ended up having a kick) in the cup,
fill it halfway with milk and hot coffee,
use a stick-blender until it gets nice and foamy - this keeps it from having an oil slick
Then rinse the blender off with hot coffee to fill the cup.

Probably even better with cream or half and half.

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