BrayneGro's Aquaponic Grow


They are all beautiful!!


Perhaps they will be even prettier, the top 2 photos over white widow are dangerously hard and big fruit


![IMG_20180421_220809|282x500](upload://txZ01MF2lXMWzVRGBqMookFco03.jpgThe bottom is first ???




And most beautiful


What do you think of them?


There starting to bulk up very nice my friend.


So what is the idea behind this “experiment”. Plants are looking quite lovely btw


The idea is, the weight that will have heavier fruits those in hydrate or in clay?


Hows everything been @BrayneGro


Not too bad man just been working extra hard on mycology projects atm. I quit my job. It was becoming overly stressful. I need to take some pictures of my new grow i have comin up. I have about a 3 or 4 week old goldleaf which is lookin nice. A super silver haze about a week or 2 behind the goldleaf and one of mr greengenes lemon berry bomb. Ive been a bit neglectful and i have projects stacking up at a rate im not keeping up with too well but other than all that, im managing somewhat. Ive been meaning to get back over here and upload and chat it up with everybody. Just havent been feelin 100% myself lately but im thinkin ill be back on the podcast this thursday. Been feeling much better, more motivated this week.


Everything will work out for the best buddy can’t wait to see the girls :wink: I know exactly what you mean about stress my friend moving changing jobs completely changing my life for the better of my kind anyhow LOL


That goldleaf spreading her wings. This plant smells amazing in veg i cannot wait to see what it does in flower.

Sorry i havent been here regularly. Real life is a bitch right now.


I have the purple haze sitting in my kitchen system with a bunch of friends getting ready to go to the main system. Not much going on in my main system til i get these scraggly little skunks out the way. Just 2- 3 more weeks.


I love that set up there buddy hope all is well I move soon it sucks But I can’t wait to get where I’m going


Plant looks awesome buddy, life sometimes throws us some curve balls, hang in there my friend.


You can put red worms in your grow beds tbey work well in my. System im going to try and do my next grow in it. I have peppers in now