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@Nug-bug @Ecsd thanks dudes. I actually went ahead and cut down nf1 yesterday and im thinkin about going ahead and cutting down nf2 today, so @Hogmaster you will be seeing some more purple rosin pics pretty soon. I did my version of a quick dry between yesterday and today on some of the smaller popcorn buds and threw em in the jar today. They have a rich, deep berry smell to them. Cant wait til i get this stuff through the curing process to bring that berry smell all the way out. Too moist to smoke still so instead of sealing it, i just kinda have the lid sitting upside down on top if my little jar for now.


The roots from the nf1 carcass.


The drying cabinet is full. Decent harvest but i know i can do better. Gotta keep up with feeding and cant have any stupid hiccups like the one I had early in flowering nf1.


Just to show yall my drying cab i built


photo bomber in the bottom left corner of the last pic. :smirk:


Very nice my friend awesome


So i got 61 grams from the nf1. I should have done better but that hiccup in the early weeks of flowering really hurt. Either way, the first harvest from the budget build up more than payed for itself (286$) in the first run.


Nice! The ninja fruit is crazy. Please give us a smoke up-date when u get some cured, and get a chance to sample


@Hogmaster so i didnt get the chance to press out any pretty colorful rosin since harvest week was crazy busy but i did make some blue hash from the trim of both phenos just now. Smells AMAZING!!! I guess it all has more of a lavender hue to it the more I look at it.


So after drying for 24 hrs, i ended up with about 2 grams total. Has an awesome taste and that cool lavender color to it. Cant wait to run the rest of my trim. Probably will be doing so tomorrow.



That’s some good stuff there buddy


Less than a 24 hour difference after adding iron supplement into my system.


So we are at day 79, that’s week 12, for ninja fruit #3 and she is STILL throwing out white pistils. I checked the soil and it still pretty wet so i know that the water is wicking up and i know that’s where its still pulling nutrients that are prolonging flower. It is very slowly maturing from the bottom, which is something I havent experienced before. Ive been watering the media section of the drz and i guess its wicking up to the soil so this will be my last watering. Here are 2 pics from the same plant so yall can see what im dealing with.

This is the highest bud on the plant

This is a bud that is about 8 to 10 inches lower


Man, those look juicy! :+1:


@BrayneGro I need to find some of that Ninja fruit man lol


I have a secret experiment: wink: I will show you one flower I think the fruits will be very interesting




Happy 4/20 my friend, looking good!!:v:t3::v:t3:


The lower one is a white widow