BrayneGro's Aquaponic Grow


So nf1 is on about 30 hrs of darkness. Shes falling all over herself. Probably going to give it another 24 hrs or so before the chop.


Havent uploaded any of nf2 in a while but here’s what shes doing these days. Probably going to give her another 2 weeks and shes still only been getting pumpkin and pumpkin seed. Time to stop feeding and start flushing.


Looking so frosty :sunglasses:


The purple is not as frosty as the green but I’ll take whatever I get from it. Looks like i should get a pretty decent weight from it. Pheno #3 looks promising.


Bonus clip. Finally got a chance to squeeze out some of my own material.


Yes sir!! Congrats, that’s that honey there


Phenos 1 and 2 of ninja fruit are both in the dark. I was planning on harvesting already but the trichomes are still not quite ready. some trichomes are actually coming out purple in pheno 2 or maybe its the refraction coming from the purple in the plant. Not quite sure.


What up bro, some mighty fine looking buds!
You gotta do a live rosin press for Thursdays show, specially of the purple buds!


And I’ll join you @BrayneGro

got some purple out of my gold leaf


I might make a video like that on my youtube channel but i might not ever use my camera during the live stream. Sorry to disappoint brother but Its just too risky for me. I need a proper webcam and pc setup.


Lol there you go @Indica_Dogo hogmaster has it covered.


Awe man just use a mask lol. You gotta make a move 1 state to the left bro. It’s much more friendly on this side of the line! Lol


Your buds are gorgeous man. That purple color is just beautiful! Hats off to you


Day 51 for nf3 and the density is insane.


Looking amazing bro. Look like cotton balls!


Awesome job, looks delicious!!


@Indica_Dogo @Mrcrabs
Thanks dudes. Im continually surprised at the growth on #3. All 3 of these are going to be my best harvests yet in terms of weight produced. Still super impatiently waiting. Flushing. trying to get every last bit out of them that i can. Im already at day 73 for #1 and #2. And from the looks of things #3 is going to go somewhere around that long as well. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::sleepy::sweat::sob::weary:


Well if the pistol density is any indication of what harvest should be, then wow :sunglasses:
That girl is so purty


Love the way the ninja fruit is stacking! Keep up the great work! haven’t tried growing any ocean grown seeds yet but got to sample some ninja fruit from a friends outdoor grow and was very nice! Had a purple and green pheno as well and both were great!


Had fun on the show last night @BrayneGro & @Indica_Dogo that was cool sorry my phone died can’t wait to see you press some of your purple :wink: