BrayneGro's Aquaponic Grow


@Indica_Dogo Will Epsom salt kill slugs? I know for sure I need to raise the dry layer a little higher for starters. blue gill are definitely good for eating and IMO the perfect sized fish for the size of system I have in my kitchen. They definitely prefer more protein in their diet too so i could see that the meat might have a higher protein content as well. Sturgeon would definitely be unique. I dont think i can find them wild around my area tho. @Nug-bug I have never had white perch before. I bet that would be an excellent fish to raise for eating too. I gotta get my fish breading skill down lol


It’s similar to blue gill, I mean it isa perch .
Just a Lil bit more fishy,kinda like bass but not as intense


Empson salt should kill them @BrayneGro


I know table salt kills slugs.
Man I’m gonna catch some bluegill!


Nf2 is purpling out like crazy!!!


A few macro shots of nf1. Just going into week 5 and the heads are already bulbous and plentiful.


Looks like I’m probably going to have to tie nf2 away from the lights again to avoid bleaching. Purple is still coming in nicely.

Nf3 is still cruising along. We are on day 9 for her and the stretch is starting to really kick in so im definitely going to be tying her down in the next couple days.


Well, well, well. What have we here @latewood
Platinum seed pack-
Super Silver Haze, Purple Haze, and Goldleaf

I will probably pop 1 of each as soon as I finish out these Ninja Fruit ladies.


We look forward to your grow. :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing.



So here are a couple of ladies that have been in dual root zone in my main system for a while that I havent revealed to this point. They are Early Durban and Original Skunk #1 they have been revegged and now are going back into flower. January 11 will be day 1.


Nf1 is packing on the trichomes. I grow ever more anxious then closer we get to harvest time.


Nice dude very nice


So I topped off the water supply in my main system then went ahead and did some water testing. Ph is starting to float back down slowly. It is currently at 6.6. Nitrates came out at 0-5 ppm so i checked ammonia to make sure my biofilter is still functioning properly and ammonia came out at 0 so thats all good. Time to start feeding the fish regularly again. Nf2-media bed, Nf3-drz, O skunk #1-drz, and Early durban-drz are all in the main system with these current water conditions. Durban and skunk are both barely starting flower so for now im going to have to make sure i get the nitrate level back up a bit for the stretch and add in some more pumpkin and pumpkin seed for flower.




So i decided to just take a more practical approach to take care of my slug problems. Its alot of effort but sometimes growing requires that hard labor. Im currently removing and rinsing off all of the media by hand. The real fun stuff. Once I get it all out im going to clean out the growbed by hand as well then I’m going to leave the media to dry out completely before I add it all back in and throw some more seeds down.
Good thing I only have this one media bed to deal with right now.


Sup guys. Didnt realize it had been 9 days since my last upload. So i took a few closeups today of nf1. Shes lookin good and smelling even better. Coming up on end of week 8 and shes telling me shes not even close to finishing yet. Trichomes are mostly clear, leaves are still green, and pistils are even white still, so were here we are just cruisin along.


Very nice my man looks awesome


@BrayneGro how have you been injoying your press ?


Loving it man. Been having a blast with it. I just can’t wait to press out my own homegrown buds


So here we have the nf3 today. Bud growth is looking amazing. Better than ever. Almost makes me want to switch everything over to drz rdwc.This is the pheno that has been in the rdwc and has been flowering since christmas. Feeding nothing but pumpkin and pumpkin seed. Watering in with through the top with the solids I pull from my swirl filter and adding the pumpkin into the water as well. :sunglasses::sunglasses::yum:


They look awesome buddy I want to taste a pumpkin leaf :wink: