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What’s up man. Wow that sucks about your pump! Wish there was a way to eliminate pumps and things all together!
Have you figured out what drove your ph up yet? Have you started using the powder labs mix yet or still just powder?
What do you use to bring it back down, something like ph down?
And looks like NF3 is gobble be your mvp lol.

I found some spider mites in my plants. I thought it was some burn from foliar feeding and lights. But turns out its not:frowning_face:
I think someone noticed and mentioned it even.
But I ordered some ladybugs and might try some Kapow.
I should update my thread with pics and the latest.


Yo @Indica_Dogo hey man I promise I’m not ignoring u lol. I have been super busy these past 2 days. I just topped off my system with ph 6.0 water and did about a 40% water change to just remove some of the carbonates in my water to see if that would drop it down some so I’m fixing to do some water tests and experiments to see if the pumpkin is what was driving up my ph. Will keep u posted.
For your bug problem I would definitely go with the kapow man. Works wonders. I’m fixing to start growing some lemon grass and try to start making my own preventative insecticide cuz once thrips and mites get a hold it can be a real pain to get rid of them again.


No worries bro, you get your ph settled and figure out if the pumpkin drove it up?
Man I ran out of kapow but got some ladybugs. Doesn’t seem like they’re getting on the plants though. They’re all on the media and soil for testing last few days.
Maybe there’s food down there or they don’t like the sticky trics on the plants.
Are they better for veg and should I get more kapow?


I haven’t checked my PH in a couple days but nf2 seems to be doing much better. Ive never had much luck with manually dropping the pH with anything but water changes so i tend to just let it re-acidify naturally if for any reason it gets too high so i guess that’s what im going to do again. Going to check ph here in a sec and will update. Also, ive never had much luck with ladybugs. If you make a good habitat that they can live in and reproduce in and leave a very small hole where they can escape in small numbers you will really get the most out them. The stage after larva stage is the one you want. Supposedly that is the one that will eat mites which is why you need them to reproduce. Again ive never had much success but that is the proper way to release ladybugs into the garden. Dome cloners make a good habitat. Ill link you a video so you can see what I’m talkin about.

Nf2 seems to be doing better after the past couple days without any adjustments besides topping off water and changing about 35% of it.

Nf1 is doing much better after that hiccup with the pump i had. 12-18-17, today, is the last day of stretch and the canopy is looking like it has a couple bald spots. Its all good. Hopefully next time i won’t lose 3 days of stretch because of my own mistakes. :disappointed:


@Indica_Dogo so i just got done running some tests. It turns out that a very unlikely culprit is most likely to blame for the rise in my ph. Using a dirty container to transport water. Another pretty big fail on my part. For these tests i ran i used water at a ph of 6.0. I figured out that it was the container because when i tested the ph of the water before i added anything to it, it was coming out at 6.9 and i knew that wasnt right. I tested water i had in a clean container and it came out how I knew it should @ 6.0.
For test #1, I tested after adding in about a half teaspoon of both the powdered pumpkin seed and pumpkin into a gallon of water. There was no noticable change in pH after stirring for 30 seconds. :+1::+1::+1:
For test #2, i tested the pumpkin seed mixed with lactobacillus serum that’s been fermenting for around a week. I added a half teaspoon to a gallon of water. It was almost completely soluble in the water and produced no noticable changes in ph.
For test #3, I tested pumpkin seed and pumpkin powder mixed (1:1) with labs that’s been fermenting for around a week. I added about a half teaspoon to a gallon of water and it didn’t produce any noticeable changes in pH.
In conclusion I feel like the pumpkin powders will be safe to add into my system but I think I’m going to go ahead and ferment as much of it as I can to make it a bit more fast acting.


Very @$!#en cool BrayneGro! Crazy that a dirty bucket is what the problem was!


Getting the kitchen system ready. I moved about 10 of the 16 or so fish that were in my main system so I can control the nitrates in my cannabis crop a little more effectively.

I moved nf3 into a temporary container so i will be using the growbed in the kitchen system. I thought I would provide a little aquaponic root porn for you guys, and this is just whats coming out the bottom of the drz container.


You’re gonna run regular veggies in the kitchen system?
How does the plant respond to being pulled up from the grow bed? Did you transplant to another pot or just move it to another bed?


Yeah I threw some seeds down like kale, broccoli, stevia, mint, lemongrass and some peppers. Going try to add a small nft system and throw some lettuce and cabbage in that bad boy. As for nf3, interestingly enough, she had some yellow coming in on the new growth and now she’s in a temporary container for the meantime that is staying flooded up to the top of the stand pipe and she seems to have really taken off even more. Its crazy. The roots are staying submerged and she seems to LOVE IT. No more yellow and she is putting on new growth like crazy. Going to have to trim her up and get her ready to flip by tomorrow cuz she is overgrowing her allotted space.


Nf2 is doing awesome. The stretch is unreal. The green is slowly coming back into the leaves so i think the ph may already be coming back down. Going to have to check it today so i can see what its lookin like. I grabbed a small bag of dtpa iron from true aquaponics so if the pumpkin seed doesnt work after i get the pH brought back to a good place im going to start dosing that. Shes not setting flowers very strong yet so im gonna have to start doing water changes to get my nitrates down and start dosing the pumpkin powder again.

Nf1 recovered well but not without showing some herming on me already. I wish i could see what she would be lookin like if I hadnt lost a few days during the stretch. :pensive::pensive: she’s still setting flowers much better than nf2.


So the stretch got a little crazy for nf2 so i had to tie her down and she’s finally starting to set some flowers.


Trimmed up nf3, isolated her, and she has been flipped. Cant wait to see how she does.


How many catfish are you using and what size tank are they in. I have a buddy doing aquaponics. He has two 500 gallon tanks and is running 15 tilapia in each tank. He took one of those old railroad containers, cut part of it out and replaced with heavy duty plastic to make a greenhouse out of half of it, the other half hold the fish and his control reservoirs. Nice setup


@TDubWilly i have 5 catfish and 3 plecos in my main system. I recently moved 10 of them into a different system so i can control the nitrates a little better.


Sweet setup brother


Man looking good. That NF2 is stretching like crazy.
How’s NF1 doin?
Looks like there are no more problems with deficiencies, the pumpkin worked out huh!

Man I need to post some pics of my 3 girls they ran a week or so behind cause of the deficiencies at flip. But they’re doing fine now.
Where do you get your catfish? I go to the river and catch mine lol.
How’s the kitchen setup coming along?


So nf1 is growing good. The frost is coming in pretty heavy now. She is still throwing out pollen pods here and there so I’m probably still going to end up with seeds in my final harvest which is a bit disappointing but im still very excited. I’ve been picking em off when i see em but I cant realistically see myself getting to all of them before they drop pollen.


Yo @Indica_Dogo yeah man it looks like she finally cleared up. PH is still high too. And hell yeah bro i catch my fish from the local ponds and lakes. I love fishing. I want to start doing crawfish soon and i actually REALLY wish I had local bluegill in my kitchen system instead of catfish but ill work with what i have right now. So far I have had only one seed come up from my kitchen system and it was quickly dispatched by a slug so now I have to deal with the slugs. Im thinking beneficial nematodes but i havent even looked up which ones I’m going to need or if nematodes will even be able to cure my problems but either way we have another opportunity to learn here.


Throw some epsom salt at those bitches! Lol
Are bluegill good for eating? I have access to them but never eaten em.
Man I wanna get into some sturgeon!


Man there’s nothin like a good ol fried blue gill. Well besides a good ol slab of white perch. :fish: #fry em up