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Like the topic states, I’m a newbie. I’ve never tired growing, but I’m excited for this new hobby and I am looking for any insight available. I just received my seeds in the mail and placed them in water this evening. I’m following the germination guide that on this website. I am looking for some recommendations. My plan is to germinate the seeds in my storage room and gradually re-pot and finish the growing outdoors. I get a ton of sun in my yard. 1st off, does this process sound ok? Also, what soil is recommended? A different soil for germinating and for the rest of the harvest? Any specific type of pot(s)?

I’m excited for the potential that comes with this new endeavor, and I appreciate any insight any of you can provide.


Seedling specific soil for seedlings. Then after you repot you’ll want a better soil.
Many people like fox farms ocean forest as a soil. Most plants love it, it’s widely available, and it doesn’t usually require nutrients for two months.

I put the seeds into solo cups as soon as they show a tail.
Then when the leaves reach over the sides I transplant into 1 gallon plastic containers. After they outgrow the 1 gal I put them into their final home. Many cultivators like fabric pots. 5 gal and 7 gal are the most popular. I use 7gal indoors and have switched to 30 gal for outdoors.

Welcome to the community.


Hey welcome!! What strain?

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Thank you drinkslinger, very helpful!!! Much appreciated.

Cycle - white widow. I bought the beginner set from here.


Awsome theres few of us growing them

Fem or auto

WW is a very good beginner choice. Easy to grown, good buzz.

suggest you NOT soak seeds for more than 24 hours. move to moist paper towels until tap root is 1/4" to 1/2" long…then place in CLEAR PLASTIC CUPS with drain holes to allow excess water to drain out of the soil. Once roots look like spider webs …move to final pot/bucket. Best is 5 gallon. Pipe cleaners are good support if the seedlings get too tall and spindly. Keep a warm temp on the babies. Light too close will burn…too far and the babies will stretch to reach light…not a good thing.


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Welcome, you will find all the info you need here! These guys , and gals will have you dialed in with a quickness! Happy Growing!

Put clear cup in a red cup if you do that roots dont like light but we like to look at roots so clear cup inside a red solo

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Thank you all!! So very helpful, since I am brand new to this. I’m sure I will be posting more questions as time goes on.


That’s what the forum is for

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Good evening,

I’m winding down, heading into holiday weekend with a gin and tonic watching NBA playoffs…

I put my seeds in water Tuesday night (about 48 hours ago),I removed them from the water and placed them in damp paper towel last night. Of the 10 seeds, 7 have nice white tails, I’m expecting the other 3 will soon. I’m going to pot them tomorrow. I bought seedling soil and I also bought a new light fixture that I hung on my wood shelves that are on the unfinished side of my basement. For the fixture I bought 32W T8 bulbs. Does this all sound right so far? Also, once I pot the seeds,do I put them under the light 24/7 until I re-pot and move outdoors?

Thanks in advance!


Great, excited to see what you are going to grow! I can highly recommend getting fabric pots to grow in as there are so many benefits to growing in them! Your plants roots get more oxygen, better root growth, MUCH better drainage and it does not compact the roots in the bottom of the pot as much as the plastic pots do!

Read up about them! They are amazing.

I just looked in to the fabric pots, I think I will go that route. Thanks Alice420!


I have some fabric pots coming soon from Amazon. I had a quick question. I have had my plants under the light for about 4 straight days, should I be giving the plants a break from the light at all? Even an hour or so? Or do I keep them under the light until I re-pot? 9 of the 10 look great, one is moving a bit slow.


Hi there, it depends what are you growing? Autoflower or photo period? The most common light cycle for photo period is 18/6 but I’m not sure it would be a good idea to change your light cyle down if it’s a photo period and with autos it doesn’t really matter what light cycle they have but I keep mine on 20/4.

But 24 hours isn’t unheard of as many people also do this.

What are some recommendations for applying nutrients to seedlings? I have the seedling nutrients from Robert, and I would like to apply tonight. How much? And what method has worked for any of you? Thanks in advance