Brand new to growing...optimistic

Hi everyone.Long time smoker but first time grower.I am still collecting everything I’ve ordered over the last 2 month.Right now I’ve got most of the nutrients,cloth pots,seedling pots with humidity topper,raisers,soilpH tester,ph up and down,seedling heater,1000watt led to start seedlings and a Spider Farm kit that should be here tommorow.Ordered a mix pack from ILGW of Autoflowers I’m going to be starting with.I have about 8 seeds from local and not so local medical dispensaries that I’ve collected. I read as much as I possibly could on this forum Everything I could possibly read to prepare for this but I have this feeling that for me nothing comes…And I could use some advice from some expierenced growers.Next time I post I can post pictures of everything I have so far.Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help a newbie.Super excited for this.I’ve decided to use coast of maine seedling mix for the seedlings and then move them over to The stoningham mix.Im guessing just water up until flowering,I also bought some fish bone meal and coast of maine squid jell just to have it I bought the FFx3 pack 32oz.for my outsides.Plan on LST to get the most of out my space.Btw I’m in western Massachusetts Anything at all you can share with me I’m all eyes and ears.I will regularly post pictures and also want to keep a journal for the process.Also I got the SpiderFarm 1000watt 27x27x65,which is not a blurple light.The SF light is a yellow/white.The seedling is the blurple.Once everything is here I’ll lay it out and take a pic I’ve been buying for a little over 2 months.Just tried to read as much as I could and make decent decisions according to budget and probley stupidity of not asking first…also bought one of those goose neck 4 l.e.d. yellow lights because I wasn’t sure if I could use it in the tent for under the plants?..idk…worst case I can use it in my room.Oh and BTW this is being grown in my room so the temp shouldn’t be an issue…Alright…happy to be here and thank you for taking the time to read this


Welcome to the community. This is the place where you ask the questions and some grower will be there to help you out. There are no dumb question. happy growing :bat: :crazy_face: :rofl:

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Sounds like your off to a way better start than many! Keep reading! Search the grows that use your medium and nutrients. It’ll give you an idea of timelines and expectations… at least to some degree.


Welcome aboard. I’m semi new to growing myself.

There is so much knowledge here it can make anyone a pro in no time.

Just make sure you buy a good light. DON’T shop on amazon or eekBay for your
lights. Listen to the pro advice here on the board.

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Welcome to the forum - the people here are very happy to help. Sounds like you’ve done some good research and it’s time for the hands on work to begin.

I’m also in Mass - legal to have 12 plants but no more than 6 in flower.

When you want to reach out to a specific grower for advice just put this @ in front of their name and they will be tagged over to your thread.

@MattyBear; @Myfriendis410; @dbrn32 are a few who know the ropes. Best of luck to you!


Hmm looks mostly good I’d also add to the list xtreme gardening sample pack for the mykos and azos. Some solo cups because I always recommend having 2 -4 backup seeds in solo cups because it’s important they’re on the same schedule or you may end up with runts( I believe autos set off other autos flowering cycles) oh and typically we try not to transplant autos as much as possible but azos makes it easier if you have to. And hydrogen pyroxide to soak your seeds in 1/2 cup water to 1.5 teaspoon pyroxide for 24 hours then plant directly into your mediums 1 finger nail deep. Oh and make sure your medium is about half saturated at start it helps to direct the root downwards

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I recommend the blueberry auto to start with. Also, I do not recommend the one of each selection method. At least early on. BB was a great plant, nice buds and trouble free grow. Can’t say that for amnesia haze. But, as long as you monitor ph (I didn’t) you should be OK. Unfortunately none of the NL germinated. No clue why. I ended up growing the photo version.

Thank you very much.I appreciate that @Momtomask

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Looking forward to using these outside this year.

This arrived this morning.Everything went together fairly easy.The germination station to the left [still waiting for heater mat] and the tent in the nook next to it


Before you start doing anything, have your lady friend zip you into that tent and turn the lights on in the room. If you see any pin holes patch em up. Once the tent is actually blacked out, set it up. If you plan on growing taller plants, place the filter outside the tent to give your light more height. You dont require the filter until you start to smell weed either, so you can get more life out of it if you only use it when needed.
Welcome and have fun, thats what its all about.
As others have said, for your first grow, maybe stick with 1 strain as they dont all behave the same, and in yhe beginning you want easy and the same.
As for outdoor… I highly recommend for most growers, to get some really good farm soil, and ammend it with compost to help with drainage. You wont need much else. You should get some seaweed and kelp extract in liquid form… also some humic acid.

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Great advice.Once I do the photos ill probley pull the exhaust out.I like the idea of keeping plants short and bushy though.

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Heya everyone.Ive been so into these plants that I haven’t posted.Today is day 26… I did early lst and buried some stem early on.This is where I’m at right now.I def have a couple questions if anyone would mind ringing in or even your opinipn…

Question 1-The soil is intended to feed the plant for 30 days.starting next week am I ok to start useing megacrop? I also have their bud explosion and sweet candy.I also have a hi-brix mollases.Just kinda lost for where I should go from here.

Question 2-ok so I seen that a pretty simple mixture and I can make my own co2…Hang above the plants…But…is fresh air more desired?I have a extra acinfinity inline fan,draft damper,and filter and hose…Should I set that up and maybe once an hr run for 1 minute to push in some fresh air and co2? obviously if I did it like this I prob won’t need the homemade co2 jug.

Thank you for any answers you can give me.This has been racking my brain.I don’t mind just keeping the I finity in the box with everything else and once I get a bigger tent hook up.But also…If Lets say I put just the hose in one of the exhaust holes but still put the draft damper on it and fan…then would the damper open once the fan at the top of the tent started exhausting? Would the suction then just introduce the fresh air?

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