Brand new shiny grow... from go

I use a T fitting on my exhaust line and vent scrubbed exhaust back into room by simply adjusting damper on the T I also run my 600w veg room during flower room’s entire dark cycle and draw heat through flower room. It works quite well


Yes, I’m going to do something very similar. This was a good barometer for me today because all temps were monitored. Well, after I woke up and found it had dropped to 66 in my seedling tray, that is. Lol

I also have a very small cheap Walmart type fan heater which I’m planning on using to blow any heat any required heat into the bottom of the tenth if necessary I don’t see more than a handful of days below zero a year so… The 600w I’m figuring, adds 10 degrees to the overall room and much more to a sealed tent so it gives me something to work with, it’s all going to be trial and error

Edit: I love that idea of venting the heat from the veg into the flower at dark! -thanks

Seed update:

5 Northern Light f

1 og kush f

2 Afghani r

5 bag seed 3/11

2 auto cash crop f 3/12

1 8ball kus123/12

All are wet, one has been transplanted into a 3 gallon pot

Feast or famine right! My Bonza order came today, right after I started the bag seed last night

I have a second area in the same room and a 250 hid, so I’m probably going to put any regular Plants there, should they sprout

Edit: So obviously this hodgepodge of seed means my first grow is not ideal. Ideal would be a number of same sized clones. That will be my goal for the second grow…

So this effort has obviously going off the rails a bit…

At best I will end up with 2 Northern Lights f, 1 og & 1 8ball Kush f and 2 cash crop Auto fems in the tent under 600hps and two reg. Afghani and whatever comes out of the 5 bag seeds in a closet in veg under a spare 250mh

So, am I ready for the roller coaster of indoor horticulture?

Only time will tell…

Note to journal:

I’m going to get a 4 × 4 foot piece of insulation to put under the floor pan in my tent to stop heat dissipation into the cold floor

Edit: I’ve insulated the floor now I’m having heat issues with my propagation mat! :frowning:

So… this grow journals gone off the rails big time… (as you can see)

One new thing has been added, a humidifier which took my dry 30% RH to a steady 60% RH (it’s in the tent now, it didn’t change anything in the room)

…I’m trying to think of a way to bring this Journal back around. No beginning grow should have, well I think now I’ve got five or six different strains -so far…! And a mix of everything too, regular, fem Auto fem and who the hell knows what else without a scorecard… I’m going to have to flower for sex in a different area, so in effect I’m keeping two grow rooms running! I’m glad I have a spare 250hid!

Still, things could be worse…

These are two NLf and one OG Kush in Fox Farm (ffof) with a 20 - 25% perlite cut

This is 2 cash crop Auto fem, 1 8Ball Kush f, 1Afghani r & 2 bag seeds from some dank
and this is the long shot

RH is 60%

Temp is 70 - 72f

Light is at 250w @ 18" on 24 / 0 cycle

I haven’t put the fan in yet because I need the heat in the tent

So that Northern Light seedling still hasn’t opened, the 3/3 date on stick is correct (poor genetics?)

and the other two don’t look good, and two other NL seeds are dead.

I mentioned they were going to be problems in an earlier Post in this thread, they were very small, two were tiny.

The first set of true leaves have a little bit of deformation on both plants, I can’t really put my finger on it, every other plant is treated exactly the same and everything else is thriving and growing past them.

I may consider culling them at some point if they cause more issues, they were Vision seeds (via Herbies), I will not buy from them again

Thanx for the update of who NOT to buy from!

I am a lone smoker and see all these places selling seeds. It will take me years to try what ILOVEGROWINGMARIJUANA has, and try them I will.


I didn’t exactly say that! I said I personally wouldn’t buy from them ( Vision seeds) again.

I thought it was the rapid rooters so about a week later I started some Bag seed and they shot right up and doing great, so I didn’t know but as they grow their kind of lagging behind

I’ll take a picture of the leaves if it gets any worse. I’m glad that things finally worked out with this site, I loved the guarantee and I think the price is fair and the plants I’m seeing are awesome

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Note to journal (and a bit of a musing):

I’m mainly a hydro guy and even though I really love this soil (ffof), soil’s just so damn slow! :spider_web:

even good progress seems slow, I guess I’ll get used to it now, but I honestly didn’t have intentions to stay with soil, just wanted to get my hands dirty and eaze back into it in what I believe is a more forgiving medium.

I do love this Fox Farm soil tho! Added some perlite to it and it’s so light it almost floats away, holds water well, moist but not wet, A+++ so far, but it’s just not as fast as hydroponics in my humble opinion

If I change over to hydra I think I’ll do a side by side comparison

Edit: I don’t mean in a bad way about soil, if I like it I’ll stay with it and a lot of why it might seem so slow might be my impatience, but frankly I don’t think it all is…

… a comparison with clones would be cool if there is time and occasion


The electric meter you have there, What exactly is it? Like ph, humidity, temp?

The green one is pH, humidity and light but honestly it’s pretty much crap, I just happen to have one around. I don’t even trust it for the moisture setting

its funny.
i had the exact opposite impression with growing hydro-style. anything but forgiving, was my experience.
to each his own i suppose.

this journal is great though…lots of useful info.

No Jay I think maybe you misread me, or I wasn’t clear. I agree with you completely, I said:

“I honestly didn’t have intentions to stay with soil, just wanted to get my hands dirty and eaze back into it (hydro) in what I believe is a more forgiving medium”

I started back in soil to brush off the cobwebs, but I intend to go to some form of hydro before too long

I’m considering building something like this…

…and I’‘m also considering a 3×3’ flood table

youre right. i misunderstood. got it.

so, lemme ask though. is the growth rate that different?
ive tried hydro but,…was very uninformed at the time. and like you said,…i searched for a more forgiving medium. and had success with soil.

besides growth rate, and ive heard that yield is typically more than a similar soil grow. what other differences are you familiar with? that is, besides how nutrients are applied of course.

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I’ve only done a handful of soil grows in my life, and that was 30+ years ago, I went right to hydro back then. I don’t really remember specifics, but I feel it was noticeably faster.

I grew sea-of-green and the hydro was awesome worked very well with that style!

Everybody’s got their own style but personally I think the easiest setup is one with its own main reservoir, that way there’s not a bunch of individual buckets to tend everyday

here are some major benefits of hydro less risk of pest introduction from soil, cleaner ph at roots is always easy to check :wink: growth rates though similar to start can be explosive after roots are established.
I still have soil pots side by side with my hydro and even though my hydro started slower they are blowing away my soil plants now which have had well established roots since hydro started broader healthier leaves complete control of nutrients through whole grow no need to flush pots for build ups etc… Simple flush and longer feeding during flower less time needed to flush 4-5 days verse 2 weeks or more and the roots space is the only limit.
When I say side by side I also mean clones from same mother I ripped 4 plants out of soil at 12" pruned their roots and stuffed them in DWC took 10 days for ph to stablize and new growth to start they are almost double the size of their sisters now 4-5 weeks later my soil plants are on same product line and all plants are about 24" mind you have topped my hydro 3 times to keep canopy level to the one time I have had to do so with my soil plants


I am slowly building confidence in hydro so for any beginner I would suggest more than one res simple redundancy factor that way if you get root rot or have and issue you have back ups.


Somebody’s been doing their Hydro homework! I also agree that the growth rates are not comparable!

I thought soil would be the best, easiest and most cost-efficient way to get my hand back into this… get used to the lights the pH all the steps, get all my gear together again and what have you, and if I’m going to make my mistakes I’d rather ‘do it in the dirt’ before I start investing in an expensive Hydro System et al, and I’m still figuring out exactly how I want to grow, so this next couple of months will give me some time

@Donaldj you’ve been a great help answering my questions and helping me get back into this… I appreciate it much!

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My current system is 2 plants in net baskets per 15 gal tote box 2 12" air stones filled they are around 9" deep with about 12 gal this is factoring proper distance from net pots even a 5 gal bucket filled for dwc is 4 gal at right level. No lecca using neoprene inserts and basket to support plant which may come back to haunt me in flower when they get taller but atm root mass is keeping them well ballanced and during flower will try using net to support buds or wire to ceiling like my last 2 worked pretty good.