Brand new shiny grow... from go

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Well whatever, this isn’t that complicated but I think people want to make it a lot more complicated than it is, for whatever reason and they can have it all they want

I use the k.i.s.s. principle so I don’t know what else to say
-good luck

Edit: Here’s some of my tomato plants from last year

I grow them in horseshit, sans the lab coat and goggles :thumbsup:

Nice Maters…


Thanks Bulldog! …first time I grew em’ in a dozen years. I packed a freezer full of them and enjoyed my spicy sauces all winter!

I’m going to buy this year’s plants today, they went on sale at Lowe’s and I’m planting them in the dreaded Miracle-Gro soil too ! :wink:

The Miracle Grow will do you proud probably get that 18’ mater…

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Two 70 day Autos started on 3/13 harvested this morning at 84 days

one was two feet wide and 30 inches tall

one had about 20% Amber, the other one could have used another week! …it was a more sativa-like plant

In this journal we went step by step from a bare floor to buds in a jar in under three months (well, buds drying on a line) :slight_smile:

Thank you for your interest, input & time
-May God bless


Great job! Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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Very awesome. Looks like I may try some auto’s after my SSH and upcoming fruit blend grow. Sure like the quick harvest results. Enjoy.

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I filled four one quart jars from two Cash Crop autos ! :slight_smile: (Northern Lights × Big Bud) from cream of the crop seeds


Nice harvest…I agree, enjoy the fruits of you labor

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Hell yeah! I only got one jar from my Flav auto. It’ll go better next time now that I understand what is involved with autos.

Those jars sure look inviting!


Hi @FloridaSon

Everything I’ve ready about autos would indicate that cloning autos doesn’t work well as the clone is on the same timeline to flower as the parent plant. So if you had an auto flower with a 12 week life cycle and took a cutting for cloning around week 6, your clone would still end it’s life cycle roughly at the same time as the parent plant. I assume that’s a result of the ruderalis component of autos.

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Yeah, I won’t try it anymore. I usually plant early for sexing so I know what to clone from. Didn’t realize it was an auto until she wouldn’t revert back to veg once sunlight reached 13 hours.

I can see how fun they are. Just best to know you have an auto from the beginning of the grow. Had her in the wrong size pot and everything else that I could do to hinder her.

Knowledge is power.

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This is an 8 ball kush I’m pulling this weekend

This is a 20 inch Kola on an OG Kush it comes up from the very bottom I couldn’t get a clear pic, but in two weeks I will :wink:

And this is an ilgm White Widow. This plant was nice, have clones from it !

Thanks for checking it out :thumbsup:


Wow, Nice plants !! :heart_eyes:

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your flush came along nicely leaves are just starting to wilt out I would almost give them another few days I like my fan leaves yellow tells me plant is nicely starved

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I started the two on plain water 8 days ago, I was going to pull them this weekend however small buds clipped from each surprised me!

I have a mild tremor in my hands so I have to clip a small bud before I can focus enough via my 60× to see what’s going on

the Northern Lights had quite a bit of Amber, maybe 40-50%, I was thinking it had only 10 - 20%

But the 8 Ball Kush had absolutely no Amber !? It was 80 - 90% cloudy and almost all the pistils brown but there was no Amber ?!

So I’ll chop the Northern Lights Saturday or Sunday and give the 8-ball til at least next Wednesday, it looks like it’s done, nothing is growing no fresh pistols, so these two small buds will give me a pretty fair idea


This is a Northern Light started from seed on 3/3, she’s my first plant since 1995, harvested today

She’s given me a handful of beautiful cuttings, rooted in 3 gallon pots, waiting

Below is an 8 Ball Kush (my problem child) She’s also given me some cuttings, I’m trying to reflower her for more

-thanks for looking. :yin_yang:


looks good I must be a real fussy guy because I trim my buds way tighter before I hang them unless they are oil stock.

Donaldj Fussy!
Sometimes OCD can get us all!