Brand new need some help

IMG_1630 (2) IMG_1631 IMG_1632 Not sure what I am looking at. I planted the seed on Oct 3 in a jiffey pellet and decided to transplant today, when I first looked at them I saw the leaves looking like this. Any ideas on what caused them to look like that?

Thanks in advance

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Are you getting water on leaves at any time? Welcome to the ILGM forum!

I have done my best to not get the leaves wet, I was using a squirt bottle to mist the jiffey pellet so its possible that they may have gotten wet a few times. Possible its mold? Thanks for the response and the welcoming to the forums

Mold or mildew should wipe off. I would stop misting and just water the soil lightly in a circle around the peet pod. What kind of soil are you using. The cotyledons already look pretty faded.

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I just transplanted the pellet into its pot today. So the plant was growing in just the pellet for quite a while I was being told by a buddy of mine it was still to early to transplant but I hadnt seen much growth over the last few days so I decided last night that I would transplant it today, so when I went to grab the pellet and transplant is when I saw the problem. I did have a 2 day period where I wasnt able to water the plant and I got back to it and saw the leaves completely drooped. I gave it a nice little soaking cause the pellet was completely dry, within 2 days the leaves propped back up except the cotyledons are still showing the faded/yellow look. Just hoping those 2 days it got no water didn’t kill off the plant :persevere:

Oh and im using the “Super Soil” that comes with the a pot for pot kit. I have never grown, so I figured why not give it a shot instead of trying to mix everything my self

The cotyledons won’t green back up, but that’s not a huge deal. I use the cotyledons as my first indicator of when they need nutrients. What size P4P did you get? You’ll almost definitely need nutrients if it’s the 2g. I know the P4P people say you don’t need nutes, but you will.

Im using the 2 g pot. Figured I would start off small since I have never grown before. What do you recommend I do for the markings on the leaves? If it wipes off thats fine right? Is it possible it could be insect damage? I haven’t noticed any insects on it as of yet but who knows? :expressionless:

Are you sure there’s no mites? There are black speckles where there seem to be discoloration…

Check them over real well for bugs (use magnification if you can, spider mites are tiny), and try wiping the spots off. They’re not in bad shape really and they have plenty of time to recover.

I use Jacks Hydroponics 3-2-1. Simple to mix, cheap as dirt compared to a lot of nute lines, and my plants love it. I start them at full strength as soon as they sprout, but I’m also growing in inert media. I would start at half strength and see how your plants react. You can get small kits on Amazon and eBay.

I just went out there and tried to “wipe” away the spots and they are still present, so not sure what is going on, like I said im a complete newby when it comes to this stuff. Ill just do my best and keep and eye on them and see what happens. If they are mites what do you recommend to help get rid of them? Neem Oil?

I use Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew. Good stuff and it’s safe to use on flowering plants.

Welcome to the community !