Brand New Looking for some advice!

-update got seeds in the mail today! Started germination.


Not sure if this is set up correctly but I just looked at the picture. Nothings in the pots yet. Waiting for germinations


Looks good. How high can you raise your light before it hits the filter? Is there a way you can spin the filter 90 degrees so the light can lift level with it? Gain an extra 6 or so inches of height? Easier to adjust it now rather than when your plants are growing into your light!
If your tent is 5 foot tall, and the filter takes up 8", you only have 4’4" for plant. Except you need the top of the plant about a foot from the light. Leaves you 3’4". And you fabric pots are about 8" high…meaning your plants can max out at 2’8".

Makes sense? If you can’t turn the filter, can you place it outside the tent, have the fan suck out and blow out thru the filter? Hopefully your autos don’t grow too tall!

But a nice clean looking setup, bro!


Yeah I get what your saying I may switch it around really quick thankyou for the advice!!!

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Hey @cjkat - nice looking set up. I’m not an expert, but don’t see smaller fans to keep air moving below. If I understand correctly, there are a number of reasons including making the stalks sturdy for future buds and also better transpiration for overall health. Others will provide more detail, but unless it’s justnot in the pic yet, I think you’re gonna want at least one.

I changed location of the fan and moved the filter in the top corner which gives me access to love the light all the way to the top!!!


So a small fan at the bottom? I’m completely new to this I figured the fan +filter would be enough air movement but I can throw a little fan in the bottom to push around the air! I also have a c02 thing that I plan on putting up in the other corner opposite of the filter

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CO2 is kinda pverkill unless you’re running a mini sun in the tent. Takes one helluva ppfd (basically light measurement) to see anykind of relative increase.

To be completely honest, fine tuning what you got to run as optimally as possible increases yield more then adding co2 to an already damn fine setup (and yours is looking good but im talking $1000 worth of lights or more)

Nice move with the filter move. Smart call.

Only other thing I can think of is maybe getting inside and asking someone to zip it up? Lol sounds nuts but may as well check for light leaks while you are doing quality assurance :rofl:


If raising the light is a problem, we can help you with growing in Flatlandsville.


Light check passed wife thinks I’m weird not but it’s ok!


I use lemon juice for down and baking soda for up. Works just fine and plants don’t have any issues with it


That worked well in the 70s well before someone packaged it up for stoners and rasied the price.


so im getting ready to put my germinated seeds into the soil, And i got a vivosun s2000 light, from what i have read on ilgm site it says 24h of light and distance depends on light so im just courious how farm away should i keep it during this stage?


would it be about 20" from soil?

You should just get an under sink RO system. Them ph. Sounds like AZ tap water. Very alkaline


Download the photone app. Takes the guess work out of distance. DLI is easier IMO. If you have iPhone you’ll have to lay it over the front camera. Hold your phone in line with the canopy of your plants. Make sure you have it set for 24 hr setting though for your proper DLI

I’ve been told 24h light is unnecessay amd perhaps even harmful since ( I’ve been told) darkness is when a lot of photosynthesis occurs.

I’ve been told 18/6 is right. Saves some energy too

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I have Vivosuns too.

I just use a Lux meter on my phone and shoot for 18/6 and 6000-9000 Lux for sprout till about 4 sets of leaves then increase gradually. It might end up being around 20" up to get that Lux.

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Baking soda will eventually load your medium up. Lemon juice is only temporary.