Brand new hydroponics grower



Purple haze

Purple Haze, still trimming


Geez i really hate trimming. This is my 5th plant and my fingers are done. How the heck does everyone get there buds so clean.


I keep wondering the same… i want to cry after 45 min.


If I had a bunch to do I would try one of these.


Try 2 + lbs every 3 to 4 weeks… lots of work… perpetual grow’s can suck sometimes… :grin:
In a good way… I do love my plants… :grin:
Just alot of work… :wink:



Lol that sounds like a wonderful problem to have :joy::rofl:


Oh man that’s got to be brutal, but with a sweet reward.


I have one of these and they are awesome. One note, don’t over load it. It doesn’t trim as well when it is too full. Otherwise is great. I only grow for personal use, so not terribly concerned with trimming, but this does a great job and in record time!!


3.5 oz 1 plant Purple haze


What a great ending to your grow bro! Happy for you and they look amazing


Thanks Vexer, I’m ready for round 2 already.


I too am anticipating my next grow. Good job on your grow. If I can ever be of any help, just let me know. If I don’t know the answer, I bet I know who does. I’ll be chopping mine down Sunday.


Thanks Granddaddy.