Brand new hydroponics grower



A close up of the sugar looking things on your bud. That’s how you know when to harvest. Google tricomes. They are clear in the beginning and become milky when they are ready. When you start seeing amber tricomes, then it is time to harvest depending on the high you want. The more amber the tricomes the more of a head high you get.


You need like a 30x manification to see them well. It is pretty much a must have for growing if you want full control over how your buds turn out and you need to flush a week before you harvest.


Here is an example.


Ok, I’m going to give it a try with my sony digital camera, see how it goes. I’ll post as soon as soon as i can. Thank you Vexer for the help.


The more amber trichomes, the more body stone (couch lock) that you get


Be sure and check the trichomes on the bud, NOT on the leaves. I’ve made that mistake before. The ones on the leaves turn quicker.


Ok will do, Thank you Grandaddy and vexer for the tips.


This is what I have
Digital Portable Android USB…


By the way, your plants are looking good


Oh wow, that looks hi tech.


Thank you. It’s been a learning experience and a lot of fun so far


Still trying to figure out how to get a super close up with what I have. But these should do for now. 11 weeks yesterday. 7th week of flowering.


Looking good! You are getting close!


Just added Advanced Nutrients Overdrive to Sensi Bloom, gonna do about a week maybe week and half more, then start to Flush. Vexer what’s the best way to flush?



Week 12


I cut her. She’s hanging upside down right now. Starting to trim.


Congrats on making it to a successful harvest.


Thanks Doobienoobie. Looking forward to reaping the rewards in a couple weeks.


I bet so! My first grow (in hydro as well) just got started a week or so ago. Still got a long ways to go. Hopefully mine turn out that well.