Brand new hydroponics grower



Thanks guys. Yes doing DWC, stone plugged up on me several days ago. Got it fixed about 12 hours later. Roots look good still but the tops were fried and dry. When the stone stoped working the top of the plant was inches from the light. I think the combo just shocked the heck out of it. Ph has been a constant 6- 6.8. Use advanced nutrients Sensi bloom and big bud with b52 right now. Fresh water and nutrition today 9/22. Update tops and a bunch of the leaves were looking terrible I trimmed most of the dead crap off. Other plant looks great.


This can work, although not very good. Hopefully you can drop your pH to 5.5 - 5.9, if not at least keep it closer to 6 than 6.8.


Ok awesome I can go that. I’ll lower it closer to 5 range.


Don’t go below about 5.5, phosphorous will begin to be locked out that low and you need that for flower.

5.8 is the sweet spot for many people


Ok will do. Thank you again.


Few more pics.


Current PH 5.88


Going into 9th week.


That one plant is looking a whole lot better!


It is. I hope it at least gives me a little something.


9th week

Beginner's Help

9/29 going good. 2nd plant fell behind but staring to fill in a little.


Great job @Aaron1003


10/1 almost 10 weeks.


10th week. Really has a sweet smell to her.



Looking great @Aaron1003! How many weeks in are you again?


Wednesday will be 11th week.


I need to see some tric pics!


Lol. I’m a total noob. What is that?