Brand new hydroponics grower



Thank you, so far has been a great experience


7th week, came home after work and dang thing grew another couple inches, a little burn on one nug.


9/13, clean up around the bottom, placed the lights as high as i could, I also ordered a taller tent lesterday. These girls have outgrown this one.


Have you thought of doing a Scrog to limit the height?


They look beautiful! Hydro isn’t that hard once you start it, and you seem to be doing amazing! Keep up the great work!!


At this point is it too late for a scrog. I ordered a taller tent yesterday


How far along are you? Are you in veg?


I just looked back and saw where you’re in flower. Yeah, it’s probably too late.


I’m 2 1/2 weeks into flowering, 7 1/2 weeks total. My current tent is 63in, i just ordered a 48x48x84, should be plenty tall. I didn’t think it would get this big, its growing a inch a day. Crazy but I’m loving it and having fun learning all this stuff. I’ll definitely read up on scrounging for next grow. Thank you for checking out my grow i really appreciate the feedback.


Thank you Kalverra, its has been a blast so far, i am so glad i decided to go with the hydroponics. Thank you for checking out my grow and the great compliment.


I do a good bit of topping, then Scrog. I’ll tag you in my journal


Looking really good @Aaron1003!


Need Help! Air stone clogged. Got a new one. One of the plants started to curl. I put fresh water with only half recommend nutrients but it’s still looking sickly. Only been since last night any Suggestions?


Get that air back on asap. Once you do, you should see them pop back to Life really fast. Otherwise you may have a problem. How are your roots looking?


I did. Brand new one hooked up. Roots look ok side leafs look better but the tops are still curled over. It’s not as green as the other one. 2nd plant still looks great. Other one looks pale yellowish.


1 looks great still, the other is not looking good at all. I’m almost guessing it’s a total loss.


Oh no @Aaron1003 what happened? You do DWC right?


@Donaldj @peachfuzz @TDubWilly Hey guys I think Aaron many need your help because he is in flower right now with some serious curling.


I’m not sure whats going on by the pic. What do your roots look like and what’s your pH?


Aaron fill this out if you need some help.

Support Ticket



System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix?


Light system, size?



Ventilation system?

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier?


Beginner's Help