Brand new hydroponics grower



They look amazing, but does that one leaf have holes in it from bugs or just a deformation?


I’m not sure. I did find a bug in there the other day. At night when i have the garage door open its hard not to deal with bugs in the summer. Ive been careful about looking at it night, been doing most of my clean up during the day when less bugs around. That hole has been there awhile. I’ll keep a eye on it. Just gave fresh water and nutrients today.


Day 25, Fresh water and Nutrients Today


Topped both


Good timing they are looking great. Now you get to wait lol.


Ha, Yep hurry up and wait. I’ll keep posting pics. Roots are really looking good at this point on both.

latest pics


Coming up on 4th week


Last nights pics, really getting bushy.


Fresh water and food today 8/25. ! Really getting bushy have topped the last couple days looking great. image|374x500


Looking good.


Thank you, i am really loving how easy this has been so far. Keeping my fingers crossed it continues to go this way.


Day 34. 12 in


Looking good so far. Just over 5weeks old.


Fresh water and nutrients day.


Saturday 9/1 changed to 12/12. 5 1/2 weeks old.


Week 6. 4 days on 12’s.


Fresh water. Plants are really getting big. Going to get interesting in the next couple weeks. Adding water constantly now. Slight smell been on 12/12 last week and a half.




What strain are you growing?? They look great.


Purple Haze