Brand new hydroponics grower



Hi, I’m a new to indoor hydroponics, i’ve read till i can’t read anymore and I figured i just need to do this, I finish setting everything up last night in my garage the coolest area i have floor temp even in the summer stays around 75. Exhaust fan is blowing out the window at night i put a intake fan from cool outside air so this’ morning the temp was right at 80 just went and took a peek and its 88 in there. Now I’m use to growing outdoor soil in over a 100 temp where I’m at. I have my lights setup to come on 18/6 start at 8pm end at 2pm thinking that during the high of the day i could temps down. Water temp was 75 when i checked last. I have 450watt led and a 800watt cob led. I’m eager to get the purple haze going but don’t want to fry it.


Ok so I realized I had the temp gauge at the top of the tent. Moved down to the level of the buckets temp went to 83.


I would pull the lights up to 36" and only run one for now


Perfect. Thank you. Keep the 800 in or the 450?


I would just run the small light to save power. the 450 would grow your plants fine you’ll just need the 800 and 450 to flower . Keep an eye on your seedlings you want them to get just right about so you don’t get stretch


Pulling air out the top of tent and letting air in where you have the vent now will lower the temp in you tent a lot
Sorry just looked a pic again and see you do have a vent out the top . Just make sure the air leaves out the tent there


It hit 110 here yesterday, garage didn’t get above 84 inside tent got to 83 so not too bad. Water temp got to 79. I think its doing ok. Put a couple seeds in the Rockwool and looks like there starting to germinate already pretty excited. Thank you for the help


I’ve given up on high res temps, 3 more months i’ll be running a heater for them or they’ll be blocks of ice. And it seems when the plant roots full the bottom of a gal 5 bucket they never have root rot then anyway.
Someday when I get my plant count right and wont have to move plants so much i’ll have a res with a cooler/heater


My setup has the low intake fan blowing on the pumps to keep the pumps, ambient air, and pumped air temperature lower. I also have a temp/humidity gauge on top of tent and on the floor to accurately assess the tent temp. I also want to add that your inatke and exhaust fans should blow at an equal CFM. My fans run about 440 CFM to cover the air volume in a 4’ x 4’ x80" tent. My pumps run at 634 GPH because the original pumps I got didn’t provide enough oxygen to the roots which stunted the growth of one plant due to early root rot. 3 600W LED growlights with an exhale CO2 bag for good measure. This is my first grow too haha. Next one will be better.


Thank you, I was actually looking at that last night the intake fan I have is smaller than the exhaust I was kinda thinking a same size might work better makes sense. My biggest issue is just how hot it is right now as far as out side air goes but so far both seeds have popped up so i’m Batting 1000 right now, lol, yea I am really enjoying the indoor growing for my first time, not sure if its me or does everyone have that excitement when you get home from work or get up in the morning and check on the girls to see how there doing. Definitely going to grab a bag of co2 here next paycheck. So when do I start mixing up nutrients for this girls, seedlings are one 2 and 3 days old so far, I just got the ph dial in and how often are you changing your water?


When you close your tent, see if it Poof’s out or sucks in. More air is better than not enough, but I have a regulated fan on bottom so I can increase or decrease flow to find the right mix. When the mix is right, my tent doesn’t suck inward or poof outward. Hope this helps!


You can run your air-pumps outside the tent may help,


Wait for the third set of True leaves or about 4" tall to start pumping nutrients IMO. It has been 106° where I live in California and I have it 90° once or twice but usually stays under 85° throughout the hottest parts of the day. The exhale CO2 bags are cheap on Amazon and does a lot for your plants. I change my nutrients every 10 days, but 7-10 works and I just add water with no nutrients.


I like the sound reduction inside the tent, and my pumps are always cool which should also preserve the life of my pumps. And because the pumps stay cool, it doesn’t affect the temp of my air intake blowing by it.


Ok cool, tent puffs in a little I’ve been just barely opening the vent down low, tent is in the garage slab floor stays pretty cool it’s 79 in the garage and inside the tent it’s 78. Not to bad considering it’s 103 where I’m at in Cali, I’ve hit 88 once inside the tent. Now my outside girls are loving this heat wave right now. Ok cool so I’m probably a couple weeks away from worrying about adding nutrients. Yea gotta love amazon and eBay.


3 week Birthday



looking good.


How is the grow going?


Going great so far. Thanks for checking in on me, Getting really bushy. Last Saturday i did half strength on nutrients, Today i’ll up it a bit when i put fresh water in. Going to change every Saturday the water and nutrients, it’s the easiest day for me. Some pics from Last night.