Brand new growing indoors autoflower

My question to whom it may concern what soil do I use?? For autoflower white widow and is the feeding schedule on this page what I use for my plant. Also I don’t have my tent setup yet so will it be a problem if I don’t germinate my seeds right away after receiving them?? Please I need all info will be helpful

Seeds will last a long time keep them in the pack and room temperature and you should be good.

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What about the soil where can I get it from like I said before I’m very new at this shiii and don’t wanna mess nothing up I’m tryna do it right my first time no hiccups

No miracle grow!!!

Do you have a shop anywhere near you or menards ? Search mediums here and go through them and see what fits your grow best. I went with Fox Farms happy frog and ocean floor and layer them ffof is too strong (hot)for seedlings. Welcome and enjoy your grow I’m finishing up my first with the help of this forum with very few hiccups

No menards what kind of shop

A grow shop

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Any potting soil that DOES NOT have time released nutrients in it


Fox Farms website has a store locator. Might be something nearby you. Its worth looking for.


Hell yea found a store 8 miles away and is it 3 different soil I have to buy

I found a shop 8 miles away. Is it 3 different kinds that I need to buy

Just need 1
Happy frog is good from start to finish. You will need to feed the plant after a few weeks.
Ocean Forest has more organic nutrients but will kill seedlings so you will have to layer as @Carol4486 said with a plain seedling mix on top or start in seedling mix and transplant.
There are so many techniques it can get confusing. Perhaps start with Happy Frog and get a feel for growing.
Suggest you read some grow journals and guides. It helped me a bunch and I avoided a lot of problems.

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Thanks will do

The ffof is not for seedlings straight but it feeds the plants for along time without added nutrients so it was a bit easier for me first time to get the feel of the plant before adding anything besides ph water

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Become friends with them :+1: ask them questions when you’re there. Mostly growers working there so a good knowledge base

Welcome to the community you could go ahead and germinate your seeds get them started under a small light. Good luck with your grow. A good place to keep seeds is in the fridge.

Welcome to ILGM @Smoke1 great place to grow great weed. U may run out of responses since its ur first day. But they have u on the right track!

I like to start my seeds in a tray or a cup. Happy frog is EXCELLENT starter soil. Then when transplanting (around week 2-3) u can fill the pot with Ocean Forest. She’ll thank u for it later.

As said above check a few journals and refine ur plan a bit more.

Seeds: :white_check_mark:
Soil: in progress
Tent: in progress
Light: ?
Ph pen: ?
Tds pen: ?
Nutrients: think u said :white_check_mark:

Any questions u have feel free to @ someone to grab they attention. Happy growing

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Autos don’t really like the transplant I’ve heard it can slow them temporarily. I put seed with taproot down in happy frog that’s in center of pot with ocean floor cupping the happy frog

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Thanks carol. Yes transplanting autos isn’t recommended for beginners. So right into final home it is

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Ok so I messed up and the seeds I ordered are NOT autoflower what’s the difference as far as growth and when to flower I have no freaking clue and nervous I’m gonna f**k it up

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