Brand New Grower

Found a seed, germinated seed, planted seed, seed has broke soil and started growing. Oh shit what do I do now? First ever grow, limited budget (thus why I’m growing my own.) I have no lighting other than my double soft whites. I’m running them 24/0. Planted in simple seed starter soil in a seedling tray. I don’t know what strain it is, if it came from the batch I think then it’s a good mid/high grade with tons of trichomes and will be great for hash.

Ok for the deets. Seed was germinated on the 7th, planted on the 8th after germination, and then broke soil yesterday. I’m uploading a picture of my little one, oh ya I have no clue if it’s gonna be a male.or female so this is a big fun one for me lol. Any thoughts would be greatly welcomed.

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Looks good so far might want to focus on better lighting

looks nice how many watts are the bulbs you are using? And how far are you keeping your lights

Currently 60w celing lights lol low budget. Will be buying lights hopefully soon though. But will be keeping this updated with pics and details.

I too am experiencing my first grow from bag seeds, mine are in the same stage as yours. With ur lights the plants going to stretch upward. You may need to support the stem, also if you have a fan you should get it moving air around the room.

I’m at the same stage as well I grabbed 4 cheap 25w cfl bulbs and I’m working with a small 12in by 12 crate for my seedlings lol but my bulbs are about 2in away from my pants and they’re growing fast see something grow everyday but you want try and keep close nodes and prevent stretching if possible from what I been reading

I’ll do some shopping around see if I can’t come up with some cheap lights I have a good space for what I’m doing.

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50w per sq ft at minimum is what I’ve heard from MacG

I use 4 of these per plant at $40 a piece


Sweet I’ll be making some purchases today and will be buying better stuff as I go. Thanks for all the responses and tips this is exactly why I joined.

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Here’s how I’m starting out :grin:

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Nice I have a few more seeds to germ… mids but if they turn out to be ladies they will be bubble hash plants, actually either way lol. I like what you have going on I’m going to try something similar

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it’s a start lol I just got this 8ft tall cardboard box that I’m about pimp out as soon as I get fans and ducts

That’s cool I’m not sure what I’m doing at all much less next lol. No probably gonna go with a five gallon bucket with soil I just don’t know if I need to transplant to a smaller container before the five gallon. Or if I just transpanlt straight to final medium.

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going straight to final. Since I’m such a noob I’d rather not risk putting the extra stress on them by transferring a lot of times…but smaller pots make for a faster grow because the plants spend less energy searching for nutrients but eventually they will out grow and need transferring

That’s how I think I’ll go as well. How often do you water your seedlings if at all I hear many diferent things.

Well you started right proper soil what in particular are you looking to figure out where to next?

When and if I water my seedlings it has gotten a couple inches taller put her (I hope) closer to the lights about six to twelve inches away and it’s leaning into the light. This is my first plant ever and only seedling trying not to kill it super fast.

let your seedlings grow and water only as it’s container feels light and dry. easy trick fill cup with dry soil and compare with your seedlings same size cup, Solo cups are your friend at this stage tall enough to let roots go down will hold enough soil for first 5 nodes or more meaning first feeding or 2 the bonus is they are easily flushed if you over feed dry fast so can water/feed more just make sure to add holes to cup for drainage

Warm white and Daylight are the 2 cfl spectrums you should be looking for cool white is not as productive and your plant is stretching to get more light 4-8" would be closer to where you would want that light.

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