Brand new grower here. Need help with startup questions

My neighbor gave me a small plant to grow outside mid July this year and now I have the itch to learn more! Planning on planting an autoflower soon. I plan to use happy frog soil and Autoflower living soil concentrate mix into a 5 gallon fabric pot. I have read transplanting Autoflowers usually isnt good. Is it better to put the seed first in a peat pellet in a humidity dome or can I put it directly into the 5 gallon? Also with the soil I am going to get will the plant still require other nutrients besides what is in the soil? I am also ordering a hydrometer and a small led light kit for when its gets bigger. Link to the light i am ordering is below. Keep in mind this is to grow about 1 plant to start maybe down the line will try out two at a time (limited space). Another other products recommended for beginners would be helpful. I added some pics of the one I had this year. Seems like it didnt produce to much so I still have it outside and waiting to harvest still to see if it gets any bigger. I also dont think it got as much light as it needed. No idea of strain or anything from below. Thanks for all the help guys.

When I got it.

2 weeks ago



Hello @Aromao and welcome to the forum! I have just started my own autoflower brigade but with my current grow of photoperiod plants, I used Happy Frog and did not have to add any amendments until flower. I am using General Hydroponics Flora line, molasses in clear water to feed microbes, and have added shooting powder for the last three weeks of flower before harvest. I know some growers will shy away from the peat pods but I use those almost exclusively to start all of my Plants (not just cannabis) and have had great results. I did transplant the pods into their final pots as soon as they sprouted. I use slightly smaller pots but mine are also clay. You’re doing great with the one you have, keep it up!!


Thanks for all the info, glad I am not missing to many thing so far. Learning as I go. Honestly just wasnt sure If I would need both of those soils or 1 would be sufficient. Cant wait to start, my ILGM seeds come in next week.

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You should do research on lights and avoid the blurples. Although they may work for what you’re doing, you’ll probably want better soon

Do you have a tent?

Like said above, you won’t need nutes until flowering with happy frog.

You should get a $10 ph and ppm meter. You’ll probably need it.

Alot of people are using jack’s 3,2,1 fertilizer. Its really simple gives everything your plants need.

The way i pop my seeds is I soak them in bottled spring water for 12 hrs then fold a single paper towel over seeds on a saucer or plate and moisten with more spring water. I don’t use a bag. Just keep slightly moist. The oxygen is good. Put them in a dark room.

When 1/4" tail I transplant to solo cups 1/2 HF1/2 Promix under t5 lights.

Then transplant to 3 gallon bags at 2 weeks with 100% HF add a cups of perlite to each fabric bag.

Then I move to a 5x5x8 tent with an sf4000 spider farmer light.

Im no pro… I usually, including this time, have problems, but always come up with get you ripped, smokable bud. This is only my rookie method. There’s alot of people here that know their stuff. Just ask

Welcome and Happy growing


Hi @Aromao welcome to the neighborhood, sounds like you have a good plan I’m not familiar with the auto soil you are talking about but I would say you would be good with the fox farm soil but will need food about a month into the grow. As for the light you posted I would get away from those older box style blurple lights and look into a quantum board light preferably with Samsung diodes there’s a few out there around the same price range another 40 bucks for a better one of course more money more light. I wish you good luck and say good save on the one your neighbor gave you it was a little sickly when you got it :+1:


I agree with previous comments about lights. That light has a lie right in the name. And thats all it is, the “1000” is just part of the name. Its not pulling anywhere near 1000 watts. Not worth it and thats exactly where I went wrong.

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If you really wanna test the waters with a single plant get a Mars hydro 1000 ( the hlg 135 kit is better for a similar price but needs some easy assembly) drop the organics and try jacks 321 in coco coir ( very beginner friendly for indoor as long as your properly phing your water) trying to grow organic pot indoors is both stinky and aggrevating ( this is coming from a guy whose done 5 autoflower grows totaling about 25 plants) here’s my mom’s 1st auto flower that I’ve been supervising to teach her using jacks 321 ( and topped barely starting flower too so gonna double in size)


Wow! That’s a beauty. I’m just starting my first grow and am using that light, a small tent, and LSD auto seed. Hoping I can do that well!


Welcome to the community. I don’t transplant no more. I put the seeds with tap root straight into their forever home. No more transplant shock for me. Especially with Autos.

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No tent as of yet hopefully in the near future. Also I ordered a ph and ppm meter. Looking into the jack’s 321 seems alot of people are using it. Thanks for the tips!

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That plant looks amazing! is that a tent you have it in or something similar?

What soil are you using? Would happy frog with a cup of perlite or something similiar be ok to just drop a seedling in?

A tent might actually be my only option. I need to see what temps i get in my basement. Do you recommend any specific tents kits over others?

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I use mainly FFOF with a top dressing of FFHF aka Fox Farms Ocean Forest and Fox Farms Happy Frog.

I plant my seeds straight in their forever home. I don’t have to worry about transplant shock.

So much easier than risking of killing the plant and yes I have lost seedlings from transplanting.

I don’t see why you couldn’t. When I first started I used cups with FFOF soil in it to grow the seedling. It worked every single time long as you have drainage holes in the bottom of the cup.

Hey I’m a new grower, reading above you plan to do 1-2 plants, that’s great. Things to remember if your using 5 gallon pots, I am, 12in across, then you will want room for your plant grow, expand. Also will need to leave some space for heater, fans, de-humidifier, or humidifier. I forgot about stuff like this had to buy a bigger tent. So do a better job then I did on planning and space
I bought a kit, spider farm 27,27,63 everyone will say buy piece, by piece and if you know what your are doing that’s what I would recommend. Would had saved money on tent and lights, Bought most of my stuff before I found the forum, live and learn lol, good luck

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I’m not sure, probably gorilla tents. Get one as tall as you can fit. But tbh, if money is tight, spend it on a good light first. You can a white tarp and duct to get you by


Welcome to the community ! Nail down a budget and size space you’re looking to work with. Lots of experienced Growers here to help you to choose a quality light. Light will been one of the most important pieces of equipment for a indoor grow. Build your grow around size space and light . Good luck my friend . :v:


Hey guys just an update here. I ended up getting a mars hydro 3x3 tent which has the 1000w light. Everything from germinating the seed until about 4 weeks in was going great. But this past week I started seeing yellowing of the leaves. I think its because I was only giving it water this whole time completely forgot about nutrients. I attached a photo of what it looks like to see if you guys can tell maybe what’s going on. The only thing I currently have is big bloom so I mixed half of the recommended dose and started that yesterday.

Thanks for the help as always!

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Also not sure if I should start a new thread for this or continue this same one.

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