Brand new first time

Hey folks, been reading on here a while, trying to glean as much knowledge as I can. There’s a lot!!!

I’ve got white widow and blue dream auto flower. I have my sites selected and soil checked, everything seems good.

I’ve got them germinated and in some small containers of Happy Frog. This weekend is going to be a little cool so I’m going to keep them inside until next week, then move them to the green house. Then when big enough to outdoor locations.

Question one, my starter container is only four inches tall, how tall can the plant get before the roots start to get crowded?

Question two, three of the seeds are struggling to have their tails pop out and are still in water, two look like the tail is trying to come out and one is starting to split but no sign of tail. Day three of water. How long should I wait and should I just stick them in the soil anyway?

You can go about 3 weeks once they’ve popped above soil.

Use distilled water with a 1/2 tsp of 3% peroxide: helps to soften husk and adds O to water along with keeping everything sterile. Add same amount of peroxide every 24 hours and seeds can take up to 7 days to decide to sprout. Distilled is necessary when using peroxide. Don’t use tap water.

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Thanks, I’ll remember that. My understanding is it’s better not to move them to much. I’ve been watching closely and drained the cup through a paper towel to catch the seeds, once I saw the water start to turn a little. Fresh water at room temp in a clean cup, only once so far. Peroxide and distilled would have been less handling and helps them soften…

As of a few minutes ago two of the three remaining seeds have tails, or at least what will be tails. The third is cracked and you can seed the side of the tail.

Well I hope the temps and size of the plants don’t make me have to go to a larger container before going outside. Three weeks isn’t long.

Thanks again.

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Welcome aboard

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Time for me to beg for guidance and demonstrate my ignorance… be gentle… lol.

I made a DA rookie mistake and went out of town the day after they started popping out of the soil. When I returned (two days) they were 3 to 5 inches tall, only had two leaves and were bent over towards the window I left them by. The bending straightened right out with light directly above. One still hasn’t came up.

I read another post which had photos similar to mine and someone said they would trans plant them and bury them a lot deeper, close to the leaves. Is this something I should do? (White widow & Blue dream auto flowers)

As soon as the temps allow they will be going in the green house and with a little more temp climb they will go outside, in the ground. A taller plant wont hurt me… but will it hurt production?

Also, how low of a temp can they tolerate at night, I can take them to the green house during the day, but it’s in the high 40’s to mid 50’s at night here. I wanted to wait until at least 60’s at night, I know then I can easily keep the green house in the mid 70’s.