Brand New Closet grow

Hi there brand new grower looking for any advice or help on this The room is 4.5 by 2.5 haven’t bought any lights or anything like that all I have is some soil left over that I head from my other house plants which is miracle grow potting soil mix…only have two seeds starting to germinate today in a wet paper towel in a paper bag and wanted some experienced advice and tips any is appreciated before they start to sprout

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Hey @Jon. Welcome to ILGM. This is the place to be to learn. First I would suggest you download Roberts grow bible and read, read, read. And then read as many grow journals as you can.

Everyone on here is willing to jump in and help, trouble-shoot, answer questions and basically cheer you on.

What kind of seeds are you soaking? Autos or photos? I hear miracle grow isn’t so good for growing cannabis so if you can start with even a basic organic potting soil that may work better. Most people here like the Fox farm soils but it depends on what you can get locally.

Did you have lights in mind or were you looking for suggestions? I will tag a few people who can offer more insight…I’m to new to offer any help with lights but I’m a great cheer leader so hoping for the best for you.

@Majiktoker @Hogmaster @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31


Thanks for the tag @AnneBonny !

Welcome to the forums @Jon

What part of the world are you in so we can get the answers for your region no need to be too specific.

If this is your first grow then save the miracle grow for something else and you will be off in a better direction.


I agree with the others. Don’t use the MG.


First off let me welcome you to the forum as for Your lights will really depend if you decide to go with a HPS hood what are carbon filter and fans to cool the room and light and there’s also LEDs wish our cooler in the room a lot of people on here using them Amazon has just about anything you need unless you’re not on a budget Then we can talk about some really good lights !!! I would not recommend using Mericle grow I would recommend either a promix or foxfarm if you don’t want your house the Stanky also going to need a carbon filter fans it may cost a little of the start of the tour today in the long run

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I’m in central Illinois hence the closet lol

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I’m looking into led lighting have one in mind on Amazon it’s a vipraspectra 300w led reflective series full color spectrum light and as for the soil what if I did a 50/50 mix with my local soil? Would that be something worth trying or just get a new bag of organic soil

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Thank you I’ll take a the help I can get

Welcome @Jon to the community. We are all here to support you. A lot of people have that light, but you might need more lighting depending on how many plants you intend to grow.

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I’m really only looking to have 2 growing right now just tired of going and giving my “guy” my hard earned money


And they are just random seeds I found in the bags I got so I’m guessing photo

Hi Jon, welcome,. this site has a ton of info for you. something very cheap. Walmart has an mylar emergency blanket in the camping section, that works well stapled to the walls and door. it only cost a couple of bucks


Picked up some Ecoscraps natural and organic soil today see how it works I’ll post updates on my first venture as it’s going thank you everyone for the tips and advice stopped me from making a rookie mistake

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Would it be enough for two plants…And also are cfls good for seedlings?

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@Jon cfl’s are great for seedlings. CFL’s can get really close before they cause light burn. These work awesome in a small closet. Your LED light you were looking at would work great too.

Ok I was worried about it not being enough but I also don’t have many to worry about just being nervous want to make sure they grow up strong and healthy

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FIRST seed germinated and in the soil I’m so excited lol


Out of likes @ Jon :tada::confetti_ball:

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Here’s a few extras @AnneBonny :heart: :heart: :heart:

Alright I have my led in place 24" above the little guys and right now I have a kind of janky setup with a cfl light have a sprout an inch long then one just popped above the soil today when do I start using the led light on them