Branches too heavy, split the main stem

Any suggestions? This really bummed me out. Buds are so heavy they split the stem and I didn’t realize it until last night when I drilled them.
I tried tie them together to relive the stress. They are about a week out from harvest so it might not be a big deal.

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You should be fine
Good thinking on tying them together several of us have had this happen
I would get a small ziptie or garden wire to tie just below the split to keep it from running further down the stem
And you plant looks great

Thank you.

You can use a central stake, and then tie branches to it so they don’t droop. Very common for a free-standing plant to suffer. I had all sorts of string tied around my outdoor Blue Dream plant for support.

Good odea. I knew that but I didn’t think I needed to do that since the plant is only about a foot tall. But obviously I was wrong. :slight_smile: Thanks for the input. I’m hoping to get one of these buds into the BOTM competition.
Like this one. But it’s not done yet.

Or this one. We will see.


Thanks for the post. I also have a couple short bushy plants that just started flowering. I scrogged my last grow and the screen supported my bud weight. This time I didn’t and it didn’t occur to me that I could run into that problem. I’ll keep an eye on mine and best of luck with yours. Thanks :sunglasses::v:

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I found to help a broken or split stem to heal was first get some natural organic honey. I took the honey and I smeared it all over the wound. Second, I took Saran Wrap or that cling wrap and I wrapped that around the honey and around the split stem to help protect it. I’ve used this technique several times and it’s worked every time. I never had a branch die on me. I learned this tip from people on this website. I would specifically name them if I could remember who. But it’s been a long time. Good luck and enjoy your grow.


Thank you for the replies. Your input is greatly appreciated.