Branch fell off in the rain

Just a couple weeks till harvest and this morning I woke up, it was raining and one thick branch, heavy with buds and water, broke from the plant. I cut it off and it’s now hanging to dry. But my question is what is the quality of this weed that has been standing in the rain for a few hours and cut from the plant while everything was still wet? Did the rain wash off all the THC that hasn’t had a chance to reestablish itself in the sunny days that follow rain? I mean, I’ll find out how good it is in a week or two when it’s dried I was just curious to see if anyone knows anything about weed harvested in the rain.

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The quality will have everything to do with the trichomes and the way you dry it.

Being wet check for mold and if you’re good on that then do everything else is normal and you should be fine


Not a chance, otherwise weed grown outside would never have any THC on it


Ok thanks!!
I have these two skinny plants - Orange Bud and they produced these long spindly branches that wave around in the breeze. After this branch broke off I started anchoring the plants to the side of the house using hooks and bungee cords. A little more rain is expected tomorrow and then weather is supposed to return to the 70s for awhile.

Same weather pattern here. Anchoring branches is a good idea. If one drops and isn’t completely snapped sometimes they can heal with honey on the wound, and a quick wrap/bandaid around the injury with support to keep it in place.

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Yeah I’ve done that before too but now it’s right before harvest so any branches that aren’t cooperating are gonna get themselves killed, see. You know what I find handy are these little miniature bungee cords, only about 6 inches long (when flaccid lol.) You can pull up heavy branches with one clip and anchor the other clip to the stem. Or clip two equal opposing branches to each other pulling them both up a bit. The bungee provides flexibility in the event of wind or rain.


The bungee is s good idea. I used 12 gauge coated wire and tired the branches back to the central stem. I like the bungee idea better.

I like them because you can move them around easily as needed.