Branch browning

Branch turns brown about halfway up about inch long. Looks like it keeps rest of branch from getting nutrients .

Going to need a better photo of the branch, its to blurry to make out.

Hope this is better

Yes much better. Couple of question right off the bat, is that the only spot on the plant that has it? is it an indoor or out door plant? How much growth is above that spot? Is that mold growing on it?

Zooming in looks like some kind of fungus. I would spray with peroxide and coat with aloe.

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Thats what it looks like to me I just want to rule out some kind of insect damage.

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It’s a plant started outside in April and has about a foot of growth above spot. It does look a little like some mold on it. It is the only spot on plant. Thank you for your time

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Small bottom buds turning brown, leaves wilting & stem has turned brown on one of four stems on my first plant ever. Are the remaining top buds still ok? About 4-5 weeks into flowering … not sure of the strain as it was a found seed. Keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the plant that looks pretty good. Need any help I can get …

Had same problem but brown spot smaller on branch. It affected whole branch and made it wilt. It was suggested to me to put peroxide on then a little aloe gel on spot. It seemed to stop the mold but it didn’t get any better. I thought it was from over watering and was maybe root fungus ? Ended up cutting branch off and taking my loss because it seems branch is weak and prone to other problems mainly insects.

Since this is my first time growing, I know I am overly concerned and overly protective. I cut the branch off and since 3/4 of the buds looked good, I am drying it as my first ‘harvest’ and will see how it does. the other branches look like they are doing well but have a couple of more weeks to go. Appreciate your reply…