Branch broke during flower

Branch broke from the weight. I am well into flower. I tied it up, is this cola a lost cause now or should i wait it out and see what happens?


Cannabis is good at healing these kinds of wounds and being stronger for it.

A little honey or aloe on the wound can help it heal faster.


Thanks you!

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Like @MidwestGuy said. When it happens to me I use a little electric tape or some pipe Teflon tape.


Only in veg stage not in bloom , hast to be very early bloom for any hope depending on the break and how quickly you can get it patched up . The only other benefits is to start your drying and curing on that bud stalk and all that nutrition will now go to other buds on the plant. So its not really a bad lost , just an unexpected sample !


Yeah that was my thought. Its pretty early though, i still have atleast another 2 to 3 weeks to go. Is it worth drying in your opinion?