Brain damage round 2 . organic soil vs mineral fertilizer

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I start a new round .
I loved the last results #brain damage scrog
I took 2 clones from my brain damage and started a new round .
plant with super soil vs canna coco full set .
I use a 100cm x 60 cm closer .
I use 100 x 4 watt , led growmau5 logic .
240 watt driver meanwell hlg series with dimmer .
I put in an incubator for 10 days until i see roots in my cube .
And moved to the medium .


Set to watching :slight_smile: il be eagerly following along. :v:t2:

i’ll be watching also, good luck on your grow.

For now the 2 clones are forming very good.

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Started manipulate them .
Because my cabin is 100x60cm . I will stretch then right to left on the 100 side .

The plant are starting to grow rapidly , the canna fertilizer looking strong , the organic amendment is having hard time . I think the fertilizer is too strong . I stretch a net for scrog , i made it with small gaps , so i can arange the colas tightly.

I am still in 18 hours light . I hope in 2-3 weeks to fill all the grid . And turn to 12 hours .
The temp is 23 degree c . And humidity is 50% .

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I had a bag week with my super soil plant . It seems like the soil is burning the plant .maibe i put too much super soil . I just flushed it 2 times with around 60 liter of water . And now it looks like its start tobgrow rapidly .
I tell you this flushing is so important . And i recomend double flush .
Thw 2 plant are still in growing k
Phaze and i arange tham on the mesh . Like nitting a scarf .

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The super soil plant start to udjust and now has good color . The frrtilized pot also looks good .
Because of my scroging . It feels that the growth is litlle bit slower .
I need to decide when to transfer to flower mode .

I am at the last week of the veg . The plants are lined on the mesh . The fertilizer plant start to lose his color. So i flushed twice and aded fertilizer in the end . The super soil looks amazing . Next week i wil change to 12 hours and start count down . I use for both with mamoth p .

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The mesh now is ready to turn into flowering mode . You can see the color difference between the cana fertilizer to the super soil . The canna is bright green . And the super soil looks fantastic and bigger.


Thats it . We are 8n first day of flowering , starting the countdown .
The plant are on the mesh and we will have many colas .
Excited . The super soil look amazing . The cana still little pale . It will change soon .


Its getting hot here . Summer time . I changed the outgoing air . To a stronget fan . Because soon the flowers will start and i want a low humidity .
Though for now my vpd is good .

My last hrow i had some mold because of poor circulation , so i changed it .
.now i am on 77 f and 65 % humidity . The plant looks good . I flushed the canna fertlizer pot , to clean all the solt build up . And now i feed daily .
The super soil also has masive roots , and getting dry daily , i can feel it sucking all the water .
I will take a photo in few days .

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Day 8 of flowering . Looking good the stamp start to rize , it will be a realy dense grow . I cant wait . The fertilizer plant start to get the healthy color .

Because of the micoriza fungy , the roots are all over
The plant is getting dry real fast . So i irrigate daily .

The buds are starting to show . After i changed the fertilizer doses , now the 2 plants look the same , same size and same color , they drink about 1.5 litre a day . And they are suck it real quick.
They are growing real fast toward the light .
I am realy satisfied with the light setup , the growmau logic is the best i used until now .
Its my 3rd run with them and i am happy .

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The flowers are starting to whitening .
Many flower are starting to burst . And going toward the light .
Fir now the organic soil mix looks the same as the mineral cana fertilizer .
This is very interesting .


They look awesome man. Great job on the SCROG

Thanks i did spent alot of time scroging them .

It start to look like the real deal .
The super soil start to have a deficiant . I still dont know if its calcium magnesium or other . But leaves start to yellow . The canna fertilizer looks now much better .