Bp 4000 does anyone know anything about it

I have a bp 4000 light coming. I have checked around. I see a lot of cheap lights. I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a light. I just got some new ones. I really like the HLG 4K 100 and the 100r. Very nice for small jobs. The HLG 4K is the boss for veg. For a small light the footprint is nice with 2 of them. I also have a mh. Nice light. It’s an older one. Works very nice. I see my plants under a 600w hps reaching for the light. I see some different things. But if you veg under leds you don’t get the stretch. Right now at week 3 I don’t see a difference in leds a hps. The heat is one thing. I do know that they like more colors. I’m undecided About light I really need at this point. I can hold off I just don’t want to at this point. The light is pretty cheap I also had coupons so I got it a lot cheaper. I’m just worried about their warranty. I do see some that have a 90 day moneyback guarantee. Bp is 30. I don’t care for the way the dimmer will work but I’m new at this with LEDs. I remember when they first come out everyone thought they would not work. But the true growers knew. I guess. All about Jacks. What and how do you use it.

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I have led with a meanwell driver. Not sure it’s the same thing but it works.

As far as stretch goes, well, could be the plant your growing.


2-26-19 About a month later. Got to love it!

I would speak to @dbrn32 about lights.

Good luck! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:


Are you looking for just a veg light? What size space are you trying to light? Details for that light are pretty shady. I don’t have any doubt it will veg plants. I mean, you can veg plants with fluorescents.

Not necessarily. These are 4’ plants vegged under cheap blurples


It says 5x 5 flowering. I need it for a 4x4 foot print. @Bobbydigital . I want to get ride of this one 600w . I can wait. I still have time. I see good things about it. It not the best but it does use
Samsung chips. Not the best of ones. I’ll stay with the one 600 I have a few more weeks. I was hoping for something b plus. I’m good with that.

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They are tall and fat. 7 at 5 feet in just 3rd week of flowering. Nice tops. And lower coverage also.

Yea. @dbrn32 hey sorry to bother you. I seen this light. It the bloom plus 4000. I see some things I like and don’t like. May I ask you true full opinion. I know you will . :joy: I still have time to cancel.


A lot bigger. But they where veg under HLG lights. I have a burp light it works great. It does stretch. Got to come out of a 80 in tent tomorrow. That will change a lot of things. My foot print will be increased. Plus it will cut the the heat down. Two big 600w hps and one 3x3 flowering leds. But only running one 609w. But I have some getting ready for the flip. They will be in two gallon or 3 pot dive. I’m not training them.

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Right, but are you just trying to veg under this light or going to flower with it?

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If you think I’m making a mistake I have no problem with not get the bloom plus 4000. It says flowering at 5x5 so I fill like 4x4 would work. And that’s at at 18 in and 400w.

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What kind are those. I let them get big. I grow mostly sativa. I do others but don’t care for Indic :100:. I eat 60%. Cookies eating head. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I don’t know if you’re making a mistake. I still don’t know if you’re using this light for veg only or if you plan to flower with it. If you’re looking for a veg light, yes do it. If you’re looking for a flower light, stick with your 600w hps. This would be a downgrade from your 600 in flower.


Thanks. I was thinking the same thing. I’m looking to the future. But I want be growing like this. Two three tops.

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I’ll see you some good videos but that doesn’t mean anything. I still have another day. I much rather get a dimmable one. I like the 600w it’s a work horse. I can’t turn it down. I’ll just run both 600w

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I do like your set up nice and simple. You make those lights.

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I’m not very familiar with this light. I suspect it would grow weed, but probably not quite same level of performance as more expensive versions. The driver on it looks a little hokey too, but could be nothing.


Those lights are @dbrn32 diy special. I imagine now they are considered older lights because they are about 3 years old. They’ve come out with a lot since I built those.

BXEB-L0560Z-35E2000-C-B3 lights strips
I have them connected to a
hlg-185h-c700a driver.

One more for the road.




I see that. Something to get me by. Thanks as always. @dbrn32

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Nice :+1: looks great.

I have reached out to the company. I have received a response. I should go with ts3000. I can get one for 380. It been in boxed. I don’t trust his warranty he’s already lied to me about the light I got from the grow store. He lost that business I will never go back in there and shop. You’re going to bring guns into a grow shop. I got a Moore’s Hydro the 190 series. 192 I think.


Good gracious that’s a lot of weed. That awesome. :+1:t2:

This is all I got right now.