Boy or not help

Need opinions, is this a boy/hermie
@PurpNGold74 @blackthumbbetty

Hermie. Circled is a pollen sac. Kill it.



Sorry for your loss. If that’s the only plant you’re growing, you could let it continue and make decent hash. But it’ll pollinate other plants if allowed to cohabitate.

Possible reasons for a hermie expression:

  • Light interrupting the dark period (chronically)
  • Genetic disposition
  • Environmental stress (drought, etc)
  • If there are others, chime in

You wanna try to figure out how this happened so you can prevent it from happening again.

It’s had a rough life from the start all others are fine so it’s killed today after work


OK, do not panic.

Before you move that plant out of the tent for inspection/pollen sac removal, mist the air in the tent and spritz any visible sacs with water. Water renders the pollen useless.


Before you cull her, check her thoroughly. If you only see a sac here and there, spritz your fingers and pinch them off. Do this faaaar away from your grow room.

Do you have any indicator lights glowing in your tent at lights off?


Carol4486, listen to blackthumbbetty because she knows her stuff. Unfortunately I had one plant that had a couple pollen sacs on it and I panicked and got rid of it. blackthumbbetty was too late to stop me. It was an unknown seed to start with. Since then I have bought seeds from ILGM and they haven’t let me down yet.
betty, I love the recipes that you gave me for choc. candies and brownies. I would rather eat than smoke but I have a hard time finding the right amount to consume without feeling like a zombie. The next morning it takes a couple of hours before I can produce a little house work. lol I don’t want the hangover effect. I’ve tried to adjust amounts but haven’t got there yet. Any suggestions? :herb:


I found her a home so I don’t have to kill her they know it’s a gender confused plant


Trial and error.

Drink plenty of fluids. :grinning: