Boy or Girl - need the painfull truth :(


hi, this look very much like a Male to me but i just wanted confirmation from you guys before i do the inevitable - many thanks peeps.


@Terminator your pic didnt post



there we go :frowning:


Definitely a male. Sorry!


@Terminator, @3high5you is right… sorry mate


Yeah thats male
cull it
sorry @Terminator


Thanks guys, RIPPED HIM out & coffin’d HIM in a plastic, burried deep in my bin outdoors - just 1 last Q : the soil from that pot is still usable for another growth? , or not? :slight_smile:


I personally dont reuse soil myself @Terminator


I wouldn’t reuse the soil either, not as it sits. There are methods for doing so, but it’s more of a long term repeatable process.

I would just add that soil to your compost, and you’ll eventually get some use out of it.


I re-use my soils, but it goes through compost first…


I throw mine in my compost pile as well use in garden but not indoors just my vegetable garden


awesome, thx people - you guys r right, not worth messing up next plant cos of a little soil


If cost is a issue
I suggest you look into promix bx or promix hp
Its a commercial potting mix that is inexpensive and works great the hp is same as bx just has more perilite and vermiculite in it for better drainage both work well for mj