Boy or girl I think idk

This is the last time I’ll post this I promise can I get a vote cuz I’m going to take it down if it’s a male tonight


So blurrrrrrry, can you get a clear shot?

I don’t see any male parts. Pics are blurry but I think it’s a lady


Can’t see anything definitive.

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looks fem. But still hard to tell give it another day i say

Would you leave it with flowering opalte

Whats that?

I wouldn’t leave it with any other cannabis plants until you can positively sex it . Try and put up some in-focus shots so we can give you a positive answer

What are the balls in the v where the branch is shooting from

You can blow up the pucs

I’m gunna change my vote. I may be wrong but I think you got a she/male there.


Looks like little balls to me also. I even zoomed in snap shot and zoomed on that to see

How come everyones name has a heart by it and mine dont. Is this telling me i have no heart or something. Lol

try these pics

U been doing this longer then me but some old timers said to Waite not comfortable with that

This pic looks suspicious…
You could give it another week just to make sure without worrying about it hurting other plants…
It’s still young , so it wouldn’t do any damage until about 3 or 4 weeks from now if it’s a boy…



Peachfuzz covered exactly what I was going to say. I don’t want to suggest to pull it, until we are sure. It does look suspicious, but keep an eye on it.

I had an identical plant. I was told to wait a little longer as well. I tossed mine. But I also had several plants to cull from. You do have time before it can compromise anything… atleast a few solid weeks.
Happy Growing!!

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