Boy Howdy! A bit of yellow on leaves of new seedlings


Good morning everyone,

Everything appears to be going well with my seedlings to the exception of a bit of leaf discoloration on a couple of the seedlings.

The plants are at eight days from germ.

After a bit of research I believe I’m looking at a bit of bleaching from the light being a little to close.

The light I’m using for the seedlings is a single Cree 3590
COB fixture driven at 54 watts.
I was slowly lowering the light in order to find the sweet spot.
For approx. 30 hours I had the light at 14 inches above the plants.
Whereas I was noticing a small amount of discoloration in the plant shown I was chalking it up to a variance in strain.

I now see where the discoloration has become more apparent.
I’ve raised the light up approx. four inches making the height around 18 inches from plants.
Temperature in the tent averages 75 F with humidity at approx. 70 percent. Higher humidity for new seedlings.

I have two six inch fans running.

I’m using distilled water with zero nutes added at this time.

I’ve added mycorrhizal fungi in the soil and around the base of the plant at time of transplant.
I transplanted due to seedling stretch being a bit long.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.:slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been studying a bit more and have found that a bit of yellow is normal on aging leaves.

I also failed to adjust the ph of my water that I used at the time of transplant. The ph of thre water I gave twice to the seedlings is sitting at approx. 7.00 Again I have given no nutrients.

Thanks again.:slightly_smiling_face:


You sure those aren’t the cotyledons dropping off? Maybe just true leaves emerging. Seems early enough from germination for them to still be attached.

Also Are there nutes in soil by chance?



Thanks for chiming in.

I’m using Fox Farm Happy Frog soil amended with additional perlite.

The soil contains mycorrhizal fungi and humid acid.

The cotyledons are aging and yellowing which is normal but I was referring to the largest leaves being a bit discolored.

So far I think I’m doing alright but was somewhat worried about the large leaves on the plant I have a photo of here.

Thanks my friend!


@Alton66 ph is a little high 6.8 is the high end for soil 6/5 is perfect FYI and I’m bwt is the cause


Yep it sure is. I will adjust to approx. 6.2
with this next watering. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Thank you!


Update ;

After raising the light approx four inches from where I had it and was experiencing the issue I was talking about , I’m now seeing the plants responding favorably.

Here’s a photo showing the seedling in question.
It’s looking better. You can see the leaves I was speaking of.

The other photo shows the entire lineup as of a few minutes ago all looking good.


Hey country how’s it going buddy, I was catching up on my reading and stumbled upon this. I was thinking that Happy Frog is soil-less and needs to be ph 5.8 ? Not trying to be an know it all just wanted to help?
Hope it’s good @Countryboyjvd1971



Hi ya buddy!!

All good now!! It was light burn. Whew!!

Thanks for the info!

I hope your doing good!!! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I may have miss that my self @Nug-bug I believe your correct